Geingob opens Helao Nafidi town open market

President Hage Geingob has officially opened a fire station and the Helao Nafidi town open market recently.

The president took time to congratulate the Helao Nafidi Town Council and those involved in the design and construction of the complex.

“You epitomise the sentiment captured by Tory Booker when he said, “For an economy built to last, we must invest in what will fuel us for years to come.” Therefore, by constructing a complex that will fuel business in Helao Nafidi for years to come, you are contributing to our objective of sustained economic development,” said Geingob.

The president also explained that entrepreneurship and business are not only the key drivers of economic development, but also catalysts for the reduction of poverty.

“Our entrepreneurs in Helao Nafidi and surrounding areas have waited patiently for trading facilities of this nature. It is therefore welcoming to see that the town is promoting a business friendly environment, because entrepreneurship and business are pathways out of poverty,” he said.

The president indicated that the open market can be viewed as an incubator for the future development of larger public infrastructure, aimed at enhancing economic competitiveness.

“As our vendors and budding entrepreneurs ply their trade at this open market, they are setting themselves up to morph into SMEs and fully fledged manufacturing companies in the future for as it has been said, “from humble beginnings come great things”

“I therefore laud Helao Nafidi Town Council for availing a facility of this nature, in line with your strategic plan, informed by the Vision 2030, National Developmental Plan NDP 5 and Harambee Prosperity Plan. You have got the ball rolling, and announced your commitment towards the continued development of our Namibian House,” he said.

Ha encouraged the town council to keep on working tirelessly to prioritize the socio-economic and developmental aspirations of its residents.

“Nevertheless, you should not stop there. It is also crucial to note that if you want this beautiful town to continue its growth and become the pride of Ohangwena, you must also engage in efforts to attract investors and business people from elsewhere to bring their expertise and businesses to Helao Nafidi”

“Now, I would like to urge both the leadership and the community to safeguard this facility so that it can serve us for years to come. This is your facility. Own it with pride. Let us look after our country and its infrastructure and shun the retrogressive practices of vandalism and neglect,” the president said.

He urged all vendors and traders who had the fortune of relocating from informal trading areas to the stalls, to move forward and establish more businesses, more sales and a better future for all.

The President said, “Make this new Open Market a hub for local economic growth and prosperity. For those who have not been able to find stall space, I hope the council will exhaust all possible options to accommodate them, in order to ensure that, “No Namibian feels left out.”