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No bodies or kidnapped children found at Golgota – Nampol

by   Staff Writer

Namibian Police spokesperson deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi has refuted kidnapping, murder and child trafficking allegations made by an angry mob gathered at Golgota earlier today.

The mob gathered at a house on Monte Cristo road where they made demands for children whom it believed were kidnapped to be released.

“These rumours are indeed false, unfounded and with no basis and cause unnecessary public panic. In fact, what transpired this morning is that; three (3) young children going to school threw rocks on the roof of the house as they were passing on their way to school.

“One of the house occupants came out of the house, and the children ran away, he chased them and caught up with one of them, brought the child back to the house intending to get information on the parents' contact details and to inform them of what transpired as well as to go to school to trace the other two (2) children,” Kanguatjivi said in a press statement.

Kanguatjivi went on to say that when the police arrived at the scene, they found an angry mob that demanded to enter the house to see for themselves and the police had to restrain them.

“After that, an investigation was conducted, and it was found that there was no single iota of truth to this rumour. The Namibian Police will leave no stone unturned until it establishes where the rumour originated from,” he said.

The mob went on to throw stones causing damage to windows and injured a resident who lives in the high walled house.
A police source who spoke to The Villager at the scene said everything alleged by the angry mob was a lie.

“There were no bodies found and no children were kept in the house,” a police source said at the scene.
“We even asked those who have children who have been reported missing to come forward and no one came forward,” the police source said.

He added that the police had not made any arrests from the mob.
“We have not arrested anyone because we do not know who to arrest.

"When they threw stones, a woman who was in the house taking a shower was injured. She was cut by broken glass from the shattered window”, the source said.

Special field force members were brought in to neutralise the crowd with tear gas. It was however done so with difficulty as the mob threw stones at the force.
When The Villager returned to the scene later that day, the mob had dispersed although the police were still present at the scene.