NAMAs host information session

Local musicians gathered at the National Theatre of Namibia for the annual information session hosted by MTC, yesterday.

The event was aimed at educating musicians and members of the media on the rules and regulations of this music event. 

Speaking at the listening session, the newly appointed NAMAs Executive Chairperson Umbi Karuaihe-Upi raised the importance of the occasion saying that it is essential for local artists to attend in order to equip themselves with all the necessary requirements to qualify for the NAMAs.

“The information session allows a necessary discourse where not only questions are asked but also suggestions and recommendations are shared, with the sole purpose to continue elevating the standard of the NAMAs to lofty heights and be the subject of reference on the African continent,” she said.

Karuahe-Upi further said, just a week after the NAMAs call for entry was announced, the organizing committee, as per custom, hosted the information sharing session in Windhoek, on the 16th November 2017. The information session is aimed at apprising the artists and entertainment journalists of the nitty-gritties and procedures before submitting their applications for the NAMAs. 

“The session is also an opportunity presented for artists, producers and entertainment journalists to ask questions, guidance and clarity on the rules and regulations, how to apply via online path etc. This is done as an effort to enlighten prospective applicants and reduce the mistakes which sometimes lead to artists to not get nominated for the awards,” she said.

Although the session has been held for the past few years, Karuaihe-Upi said some artists still don’t know the procedures one has to follow to qualify for the NAMAs.

“Despite having held these sessions several times in the previous years, there are still some artists that don’t know exactly what is expected of them and the prerequisites of categories, resulting in disqualification of some applications. Therefore, the information sharing session is still crucial and relevant for providing the needed enlightment to our artists,” she concluded.