Adri to take part at Miss Mermaid World

Adri Du Plessis will represent Namibia at this year’s Miss Mermaid World contest from the 17th of November to the 3rd of December which is taking place in Egypt.

The energetic model who has been chosen to compete against 40 other models said she is honoured to represent the country and will be showcasing her own new costumes at the competition.

“This will be a fantastic platform for me to showcase my creativity in the Design Contest. I love being innovative and experimental! I have even created my own costumes and mermaid bras with shells, glitters and ropes,” she said.

Besides meeting new friends, she is also looking forward to share Namibia’s heritage with other models from across the continent.

Adri said that her interest in the competition was motivated by her belief in the existence of mermaids.

“I firmly believe there are mermaids and unicorns! Two mystical creatures for land and sea. But, my favourite is the Mermaid! A legendary aquatic creature, half human and half that of a fish," Adri said.

For her there is everything to love about these magical flowing tail creatures that gracefully glide in water.

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and making use of the opportunity to share with them our culture, traditions and rich history, it will definitely make them fall in love with our country and persuade them to visit with their families,” she said.

With so much love for modelling, Adri still dreams of being a pilot.

“I love being in nature and sharing life with my friends and family and I believe it is important to always smile and be kind to people from all walks in life. My passion is flying and will absolutely love to do my pilot license,” she said.

She further told Vibe that she hopes to pursue her studies in aviation through the company that she is currently working for.

Adri works for the department of Flight Operation, Coordination and Management at Namagri Aviation and Etosha helicopters.

She is the youngest of two children to a single mother and was brought up in Windhoek, she has described her as a hardworking and dedicated .

“Our mother is my ultimate role model, if I can grow to become half of the person she is, I would be greatly blessed beyond words. She single handedly raised us to be strong, independent, humble human beings,” she said.