Government should recognise music – The Dogg

The Dogg who recently scooped an award from the ‘All Africa Music Awards’ (AFRIMA) has asked government to recognise music as a vital tool that also contributes to the economy.

He said this after winning the ‘best fans favourite’ in Nigeria, after he was nominated alongside other African artists such as Olamide, Donald and Young Paris.

“Words cannot describe how I feel, I still can’t believe that I won because we are basically just a small population which was competing against bigger countries. It is also a good feeling to know that I have put my country on the map. We need to remember that music can also put the country's name out there and not just sports or politics,” he said.

He further told Vibe that music falls under the Ministry of Arts and Culture and therefore should be taken seriously like any other industry.

“Music has always been treated like the step child but I think it is high time our art is accepted and treated fairly like any other talent in this country. We are also representing our country in other places like any other,” he said.

Although The Dogg won, he said that the trophy does not come with money, “It doesn’t come with cash but winning an Afrima award opens up many doors for one’s music career.”

Michael Pulse and Sally Boss Madam were also nominated for awards in the 'Best Male Inspirational' and 'Best Female Artiste in Southern Africa' respectively.

The AFRIMAs are designed to promote the distinct rich African music worldwide, engaging millions of fans by propelling African music to glorious pinnacles beyond the borders of Africa.