Oteya invades Uganda ... takes on DJ Shiru on a collabo

Namibia’s princess of Afro-Pop and fusion artist, Oteya has dropped once again a sizzling video in which she collaborates with Uganda’s most sought after DJ Shiru on the track, Unconditional love.

This particular video rivals by a wider margin, the more mellow and laid back original version currently propped on YouTube.

Otaya’s cat-walk into East Africa’s show biz is a deliberate campaign strategy by her stable for her full take-off into the international limelight, conquering Africa one piece at a time.

In this collaborative effort, Oteya’s manager, Sula, seems to have made the finest selection, merging her passionate voice with that of sizzling crooner Keicy into a blockbuster perfection of a finely polished video.

Unconditional Love resonates with a very internationalised and timeless beat and has all the hall-marks of an international slam-hit.

The video opens on the pristine rich beaches of Kampala with Oteya opening the lines in an aching string of vocals before Keicy rattles into a barrage of languid lyrics.

The song speaks of the record of two star crossed lovers entangled in the web of their own passion and pledge to stay bound in the realm of love without conditions.

“You know, you know, I care for you. Loving you! T’ings will come and go, you know my love for you, It’s unconditional love…” are the opening lines as the song bursts into full throttle with clean chopping beats.

The Utopic feel of it is inviting and flatters the tiniest bits of sense and soul.

The lyrical genius of both artists is unquestionable, the well calculated choreography is tight and dazzles in the magic of proper lighting.

The video smells rich and crispy, its flawlessness and seamlessly engineered structure drops right into the mainstream.

It rightly captures the glam of popular culture which easily appeals to the material, the fast-lane and classy while the message is very humane and down to earth.

We believe, in this one, Oteya’s stable has made significant strides ahead of the Watagwan offering which features the Zambian wonder-boy, Marky II.

“DJ Shiru is big in Uganda and plays everywhere. Totally booked in the clubs on daily basis and the only way to get into Uganda was through collaborating with him,” says Oteya’s manager, Sula.

He says the artist is in no rush to approach big brands as the team is aware of the principle of sustenance of brand visibility.

“Imagine Oteya collaborating with Diamond Platnumz, of course he will eclipse our brand and that is what we don’t want. We have to be gradual until we get there,” Sula says.

He says he will be hitting the road into Tanzania’s Bongoland soon to scout for more talent and potential blockbuster collaborations as their campaign to prop the Oteya brand gain momentum.