Table Tennis is my given talent - Green

The Villager had an exclusive interview with the current top ranked player of Table Tennis Singles League, Wayne Green, to get an insight on how he has managed to be on top of the league. 

Please tell us who Wayne Green is?

I am 31 years old and I am a well known Table Tennis Champion. I stated playing Table Tennis at the age of 14 after I tried out other sport-codes. Table tennis is my God given talent. 

Why have you decided to take up Table Tennis as a sport of choice?

The fact that Table Tennis is unique and can be played at any level be it socially and competitively. It can further be played either in a team as well as a singles event, that is one of the reasons I switched to Table Tennis. Apart from playing socially, you can play it outdoors as well where weather durable tables are available and I hope that one day these facilities are made available to everyone in Namibia

What is the most encouraging and the most discouraging thing you have ever encountered as a Table Tennis player?

Like any other sport, we are all faced with discouraging factors, funding being a big encounter. This prevents the players who can not afford coaching or coaching trips to attend courses, but yet they show great skills and possibility of becoming a national team member to gain that edging factor, and because of funding, we than lose a possible international drafted player. 

My encouraging encounters have been a lot more rewarding and what I appreciate about it is the fact that in table tennis we stand together, so if one experiences discouragement we work together to solve any problem. 

What are your strengths as a Table Tennis player?

My game happens to be offensive attacking game. I can adjust that to a more all round game should the need arise, and I can read another offensive player whose game is more tactical and refined than mine. So I would have to say that my strength lies in my ability to adjust to circumstances and adapt to many different factors, be it climate. 

What do you think are your weaknesses?

Table Tennis players’ ultimate goal is to determine another player’s weakness and exploit that to their advantage. I sometimes get carried away when I am having a good day and playing exceptionally well and this can lead to losing concentration. I think that is my only weakness as a player.

What is the most memorable tournament you have ever taken part in? 

It has been the recent win in the singles league, a lot of emotions have gone into this and it’s probably the best I have ever felt irrespective of the final position I have or might have received.

The singles league was introduced by Dr. Y Vassin who has tirelessly helped me in the pursuit to overcome my hurdles within the sport, be it psychologically or physically.

I went into the semi-finals against Reinholt Schurz and against Heiko Fleidl both being my club team mates with no expectation and after losing to both of them in the league itself, it was a great feeling.

Why the 2017 Singles League is so dear to me is the fact that we lost Dr. Vassin about a month ago and as a last tribute to him I dedicated this victory in his memory 

How has Table Tennis shaped you as a sports enthusiast? 

Table Tennis will forever be my first love and will remain my first option if I ever had a choice, but this does not show my inability to do other sports.

I have played various sports of which Volleyball, Cricket and Squash come close, however, I do come from a sport-driven family which has excelled to the highest of levels within their disciplines.

So irrespective of the disciplines we have chosen, I am sure I am allowed to say on their behalf as well that we have utmost respect for any sporting code and sportsmen and women and the struggling circumstances they might face with preparations and competing.

The culture we as Namibians take on when we compete is astonishing, we despise participating in any competition we want to compete in, and that admiration is transferred from being an athlete to being a spectator and being an ambassador for that code is the highest pride I carry.

What would you like to tell the youth out there about taking part in sports and its benefits? 

Sports firstly helps with basic movement and early development, you gain mental fitness and physical strength. It also builds lasting friendships and relationships with other countries. 

I personally feel this equips anyone opting to become a sportsperson with the basic sociable skills they would need to communicate in life.

How would you advise any person that wants to be a part of Table Tennis? 

Table Tennis is not only a sport code, you will be joining a fraternity of brothers and the ladies a sorority of sisters.

You will not make a bad decision when you choose to join Table Tennis. I can only add that you do not need any super human strength, in fact the best people I have shared a warm up table with are in wheelchairs and their ability to keep the ball on a table could possibly be better than most able-bodied players. So in short your only limit is your mind.