Catch me if you can - Geingob maintains lead in polls

Swapo party acting president Hage Geingob continue to appeal positively to public opinion as he this week maintains his lead ahead of his rivals, Nahas Angula and Jerry Ekandjo.

The president proved to be the man for the people and of the 560 voters that took part in The villager’s opinion poll, 52% cast their votes in his favour.

This contrasts with last week’s 56.5% lead, which can be explained by a decline in the number of voters who participated in the polls this week. 

Team Swapo hardliner, Nahas Angula continue to keep his erstwhile opponent but faction colleague Jerry Ekandjo at bay with 37.3% of the votes green-lighting his candidature.

A paltry 10.7% of opinion poll participants threw their weight behind Ekandjo who last week had managed to scoop 11.9%, an indication again of a slight decline in poll participants.

Experts are convinced Team Swapo’s strategy is to split the vote ahead of congress and regroup at the last hour in a final effort to derail their main rival. 

The campaign has become the more heated and exciting as erstwhile comrades jostle for power, revealing the deep-rooted fissures within the party.

 The politics of name calling and tribal remarks have been thrown this way and that way with plots and secret meetings becoming the more common.


The vice presidency has three horses battling it out and here to deputise Swapo’s highest office, here., Geingob’s preferred candidate is doing well.


Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has this week continued to register positively in the opinion of voters with 63.5% of the 340 voters throwing their weight behind her.


Far off behind, home affairs minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana limps with just 31.2% of the votes while Helmut Angula trails.


Iivula-Ithana has not been taking casualties in this week’s Team Swapo campaign.


She has come out guns blazing against her rivals, shooting down allegations that her team has the “Savimbi syndrome” characterised by power hunger.

Trailing off from pressing issues, the minister has named names and waded into delicate tribal waters as she sought to make her case clear that in fact, her team is not a tribalist.

The outraged social media had none of it and hit back at her for digressing from pressing economic issues too, proverbially speaking, and “play the man”. 

She has opened up to The Villager to say she is still playing the ball and not the man and that her message is finding receptive ears among the delegates whom she said, “are angry at the leadership” for “the rot in the party.” 

Speaking to The Villager this week, Angula raised the alarm that the congress has already been rigged as people are allegedly being “compelled" to make public endorsements.

He too has received scorn from the unforgiving social media who went from ridiculing his age to scoffing at his allegations as baseless.


“These are the type of people that (are) going to commit suicide after the result... Or start thinking of starting up… their own political party.


"Still, the chance is in the Zebra corner. Around the corner,” one zealous commentator said on The Villager’s social media page.


The politician managed to score some points in his interview with The Villager addressing the bloated public wage bill issue and pointing out how best to ensure growth along the current fiscal consolidation path.


“He has good ideas,” commented one David Mvula.


 Armas Amukwiyu has taken the fight right into the Team Hage corner as he continues to frustrate Geingob’s chosen one, urban development minister Sophia Shaningwa.


The young politician remains the public’s favourite with a massive 56% (from 55.1%) of 359 voters rallying behind his bid to replace veteran politician Nangolo Mbumba.


Amukwiyu told The Villager this week that he is ready to walk into congress any time as he is “sure to retain victory.”

He is the dream to establish a transparent office that will seek to operate fairly while healing the tensions in the south which he said “was caused by our leadership.” 

Shaningwa seems to be the only one from Team Hage that is struggling to catch up, 44% (from 44.9%) of the votes are behind her this week.

The deputy secretary general hopefuls are again a triad of different political convictions, and here the race for the job is fierce.

Marco Hausiku maintains his narrow lead with 42% of the 276 voters ahead of prominent business mogul Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun who stands at 38.4%.


It seems our eyes will remain on these two as the days to congress countdown, Petrina Haingura continues jogging at the fringes with a mere 19.6% of the votes.


Disclaimer: The Villager does not in any way temper with the votes being cast in its opinion polls ahead of the congress.


The results which shall be released and analysed on a weekly basis, every Friday shall purely reflect the views of the voters.