The Team Swapo circus swoops Walvis Bay

The so-called Team Swapo circus was at Walvis Bay yesterday where, once again, self-serving statements were made about the Party.

Listening to the speeches, one wonders where these leaders would when the constitution is being trampled.

Don't they attend the politburo and the central committee meetings where decisions are made?

Unless they have evidence to show that some people in the party suppress their voices.

Just listen to what Jerry Ekandjo said: "As per Swapo constitution, leaders are elected not endorsed. Those endorsing leaders are wasting time."

In which part of the Swapo constitution does it ban people from endorsing their candidate of choice?

If endorsements do not matter, why has it become such a point of reference?

By trying to stop people from exercising their democratic right in endorsing a candidate of their choice, Jerry is showing how despotic he is and has always been.

If the Swapo constitution has nothing on endorsements, then people can use whatever means is there to campaign.

Why has not Jerry or Nahas Angula been endorsed? And by going around the country addressing rallies, are they not seeking endorsement?

Here is Nahas Angula: "Party at crossroads because current leaders have delinked it from the traditional support base. The party has no political direction, ideology because it has diluted itself with opportunist for self-enrichment. We must return to the value of the common good for all, now few greedy individuals."

Can Nahas look around him and count how many so-called businesspeople are there on the campaign trail?

How many of them have benefitted from massive tenders that were heavily inflated and drained so much money from state coffers?

These are people who have infiltrated the party for personal gain and now what they want is to position a weak candidate whom they can easily manipulate.

The ideology Nahas is crying about has been destroyed by those so-called businesspeople who pretend to love the party while all that they want is to continue milking.

Even the common good, Nahas spoke about has been destroyed by a few filthy wealthy so-called businesspeople that are supporting his campaign.

Most of the so-called businesspeople backing Nahas have nothing for the ordinary people but eyes on the country's purse. This is what has destroyed Swapo's ideology.

Checkout Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana: "Two centres of power concept as innovation by someone with very notorious reasons for total power. We are being lured into a den where we are captured and annihilated. We must prevent dictatorships."

She denied playing the man yet she went off again yesterday. It is an exaggeration that someone wants complete power because if that were the case, then that person would not have allowed the central committee to nominate the so-called Team Swapo. 

The fact that nobody blocked their nominations shows how false Pendukeni's statement is. In short, this could easily be construed to be a lie.

And just how can Ngaritukuke Tjiriange deny that people are in this not only for something but everything.

He said: "Our party is in tatters. We have a problem. Our party is being trampled upon. Our party is dying. We can't see it die. There is a lie going around that candidates are competing for something. It's not true."

So Tjiriange meant that the rallies they are holding are like a funeral wake? Why can't Tjiriange ask himself why most of those supporting Team Swapo are spent forces?

Most of them are people who have no performance record whether in government or the party. They are backing Team Swapo.

These are people living in the sunset of their lives, and the nation must believe that they can breathe life into Swapo?

Come on now, that did not happen all these years looking at how some of the ministers running for positions handled their ministries.

The common man and woman have nothing to show for a Swapo that was alive. This means that if it is true as they claim, Swapo has never been alive even when they were fully participating.

Can Tjiriange point at what he can say were successes during the time he was the Swapo secretary general? 

So while he is pointing fingers today, he could as well be talking about how ineffective he was as the secretary general of the party.

When one is appointed as a minister without portfolio, which happened to Tjiriange in 2003, it means those who appoint would have lost confidence in a person.

A minister without portfolio is like a pool car, and this is what became of Tjiriange. This makes one wonder what exactly he meant by the party is dying as he has ever done something history can remember him with?

Helmut Angula seems to be lost. Just listen to what he said: "We call for a new dawn of unity, transparency and inclusivity. We don't want tribal and racist demarcation. We don't want to go back to apartheid."

Can he ask Pendukeni to calm down or rather to sit down and take a deep breath? She has been going on and on about same issues.

Armas Amukwiyu said: "Violators of the constitution have days numbered. Swapo or Namibia is not a private entity. Geingob does not own them."

Unbelievable! Now, who wants to push in weak candidates so that looting can be made accessible? All the tenderpreneurs who have joined hands with the Chinese are trying hard to own Namibia. 

Armas should take a walk and see how people are suffering just because a few greedy people are trying to own the country and amass wealth for themselves.

Sad, there was not much from Petrina Haingura and Martha Namundjembo. Who understood that mumbling?