NUNW finally heads for Swapo congress

The unions’ federation (NUNW) under the leadership of Petrus Nevonga and Job Muniaro has finally won its ticket to the Swapo elective congress after a face-off with deposed president Ismael Kasuto nearly left them in the cold.

A credible source last week tipped The Villager that the NUNW had cleared its mess and had finally found common ground with the ruling party. 

Nevonga, without delving deep into the matter, told this publication over the past weekend that indeed NUNW will be represented come the congress.

‘’We will be at congress as a member of the central committee of Swapo,’’ he said while indicating that this means Kasuto had been elbowed out.

Efforts by Muniaro and Nevonga to be a part of the central committee members of congress had been initially dealt a blow when Ismael Kasuto also showed up as the legitimate president of the union. 

This saw Swapo secretary general, Nangolo Mbumba, disqualifying both parties and giving them ample time to solve their differences before they could be allowed in.

Kasuto had been arguing that the vote by the affiliates in favour of his deposition was unconstitutional and thus their decision was null en void, as far as he was concerned.

This was followed by a High Court victory on the part of Nevonga and team which interdicted Kasuto from representing the union as its federation president among other sanctions levelled against him.

When called by The Villager to find out if the High Court decision meant an automatic qualification of the federation into the congress, Mbumba said there would be closed-door meetings to come to such an accord. 

Mbumba’s phone went unanswered when this publication tried reaching him for a comment while network connections frustrated efforts to reach Muniaro.

Fears of the NUNW failing to show its face for the first time in its history had loomed a few weeks ago aggravated by the stand-off between the federation and Kasuto.

Discontented by the High Court ruling, Kasuto has since written a letter to the federation’s attorney indicating that he will take the case to the Supreme Court.