Jeremiah “No Respect” Nakathila on the rise

Namibia’s rising pugilist Jeremiah “No Respect” Nakathila will face South Africa’s Sibusiso Zingange in defence of his WBO African title this coming month and his spirits are high as he hungers to increase his rankings at the Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy.

The agile WBO Junior Weight champion and rated the 9th by the WBO was not about disrespecting his opponent this week when The Villager caught up with him at his Nestor Sunshine base.

Ahead of his much anticipated stint before entering Christmas, he promised fire works.

“The fight will be on the 2nd of December, I think he is a good guy. It will be a good match; I think he has 12 fights with one loss. I am ready for him. I am preparing so far. I know my training is perfect. No injury, nothing, no excuses,” said the police officer with a beaming face.

With a clean slate of 14 straight wins and one defeat, Nakathila says he is destined for greatness as he takes his rise to stardom one punch at a time.

Few foreign fighters have entered the Namibian home ground and left with belts and this coming December, it stands to be seen if Nakathila will do his massive support base justice.

“In boxing you don’t lose,” he says with a firm voice, “You only learn. So I (have) learnt a lot from the fights.”

The stylish well built athlete who fancies the American flamboyant boxer, Floyd Mayweather says he takes time studying the moves of his opponents, every time he seizes the chance.

But on this opponent, it’s a different story altogether.

“I tried searching (online) for this guy that I am fighting in December, but I haven’t gotten anything on YouTube except (his) image,” he says.

Its something which his eyes seemed to frown at as it clearly indicates a fighter of low calibre if not on the fringe of media spotlight.

Nakathila, who says his moniker “No Respect” had nothing to do with his attitude, has roamed the world and pulled up some of the fiercest fighting feats.

Russia remains fresh in his mind, and although it was there that he would be inflicted a wound of defeat on his Achilles Hill, he has not let it defeat his spirit.

Right in the heart of the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, Nakathila’s brave attempt at winning the WBO Inter-Continental super Featherlight title would be scuttled by Evgeny Chuprakov.

He says he is a hard puncher and show boating goes even beyond the ring as he fancies stylish clothing marked by the touch of class and expensive watches.

am stylish,” he beams, “I have got technique. And when I combine the two, I am dangerous. I am smart.”

He has frowned at WBO African middleweight champion Wilberforce Shihepo who got slapped with homicide charges after a freaky accident that saw him speeding off from the scene as unfortunate.

“Although we have boxers that do not show discipline in the public, the moment you lose discipline it gives you a different image. Sports in general and as a sportsperson you are expected to have discipline,” he explains.

Nakathila is proud to be identified with the generation of some of the finest boxers in the world like Julius Indongo, Sakaria Lukas and Paulus Ambunda.

The young boxer’s star is on the rise, it ascends with his hunger for success that never forgets the human element of compassion and love for his fans and his boxing mentor, internationally acclaimed promoter Nestor Tobias.

“I would like to thank MTC for the support. We hope other sponsors can come aboard. I would like to thank Mr. Tobias my coach and the fans,” he concluded.