Namibia eSports player off to international championship

Namibia Electronic Sports Association (NESA) has for the first time in history sent one of its players, Freddy Mazila, to take part in the International Electronic Sports Federation (IeSF) World Champions in Busan Korea. 

Mazila was awarded the national player colors less than two moths ago in the electronic game known as Teken 7 after he out-played all his opponents at the national championships.

He has departed for the championships this week, the Treasurer of NESA Salome de Bruyn has revealed. 

“This is a momentous occasion for e-Sports as it marks the very first formal representation of the country at an international gaming competition. NESA has seen some great new developments during 2017 as Namibia secured our very first win against South Africa in a FIFA17 international test match that took place on 29 July 2017 at SterKinekor Maerua Mall. And now, Namibia’s Tekken 7 National player is on his way to the 9th e-Sports World Championship,” she said.

She added that NESA has been a member of the IeSF since 2011 and was the 3rd country from Africa to obtain membership after South Africa and Egypt. 

The IeSF is the main regulatory body for international e-Sports and was established in 2009 for promoting e-Sports and enforcing its standard as a legitimate sport code.

The IeSF World Championship will be taking place from the 8th to the 12th of November with over 300 delegates attending from 36 countries. The competition consists of three game titles, namely League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Tekken 7. 

Mazila is accompanied by Flip de Bruyn, NESA representative and Tekken 7 coach.

“These two persons have the unique opportunity to be the very first Namibians present in an official capacity at an international e-Sports competition,” de Bruyn has said. 

She added that the opportunity comes hot on the heels of an exciting local tournament that saw Namibia's top e-Sports athletes battling it out to avail the best Tekken 7 player in Namibia.

Mazila will be returning to Namibia on 14 November while Flip will remain in Busan until 17 November to represent Namibia at the Global Executive e-Sports Summit. 

The Summit was initiated by the IeSF in 2016 where all its members are allowed an opportunity to share in the latest international developments of e-Sports and gaming technology. 

The Summit is not only a great information session but also offers invaluable networking opportunities to expand relations with other e-Sporting nations. 

NESA was fortunate to have attended the Summit in 2016 which has led to great expansion of international relations and opportunities.