Hip Hop couple signs local artists

Hip Hop’s Mr and Mrs Smith, Bella Harris and Kwxme Sankxrra have told The Villager that they both signed new artists under their record labels.

The duo released a joint extended play record in September titled Mr and Mrs Smith which they said was received exceptionally.

They do not shy away from causing a little controversy to draw attention to their art.

When The Villager asked about their break up stunt, they said it was an attention-seeking tactic which drew attention to them at a time when they were promoting the launch of their latest project.

“We just wanted to see the public’s reaction and get their attention because my album dropped that day and I was like let’s do it,” Kwxme said.

While giggling, Bella said it was a topic of the day from radio presenters debating about it on air to people talking about their break up on social media.

“People actually believed us because I still had people asking me if we were still together. The stunt worked, it got us some followers and more fans,” he laughed.

Not only did they ignite album sales for Kwxme songs with their break up stunt, the pair appears to be crazy in love and experimental too.

When asked whether she is bi-sexual, Bella chuckled looking at Kwxme while suggesting him to rather answer the question on her behalf.

He said, “I am cool with my girl liking other girls, we would be sitting at a place and she would give a compliment to another lady. I don’t really have time to compete with another girl you know.”

The pair further revealed that they are planning on shooting new music videos for all tracks on their joint Mr and Mrs Smith’s album.

Kwxme said, “We planning on pushing the previous project and also shoot music videos from the whole album and I also have a new EP out.”