Shack Dwellers saves up N$23m for housing

Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) groups all over the country have saved up N$23 million for housing as the federation has been working towards the provision of affordable land and housing.

These members from the low-income category such as general labourers; domestic workers and low paid earners, earning below N$4 000 per month. 

Current membership stands at more than 23 000 members, who make up more than 730 groups, and More than 4 000 houses have been constructed in all 14 regions the Affordable Land and housing development expert at SDFN Heinrich Amushila has said. 

“The idea is to create awareness of the actions of the Federation within our community and private sector, to inspire them to contribute financially or in kind towards affordable land delivery. 

"We will all join hands on that day to assist and to ensure that the 68 plots are ready for servicing and to start construction soonest,” he said. 

He added that SDFN is planning to construct more houses in the coastal towns shortly as the towns face a challenge of the housing shortage. 

Since the beginning of October 2017, the Federation has been consulting with the Governor of Erongo Region and the Walvis Bay Municipality, to support its quest for the delivery of affordable land. 

“Therefore, the Federation invited the Governor of Erongo and its leadership, the Walvis Bay Municipally, members of the private sector, all Federation members in Walvis Bay and members of the community at large, to come work side by side with the community on earthworks for the 68 plots,” he said.

He added the SDFN in Walvis Bay has more than 280 members in both Kuisebmund and Naraville, and already the federation had constructed l4B houses and furthermore the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development had funded the construction of additional houses for which the Municipality of Walvis Bay had allocated plots. 

Contributions of Namibian companies such as Standard Bank’s N$3, 1 million constructed 94 houses, and contributions of N$6 million from Ohorongo Cement, FNB- and Pupkewitz foundations allow for the construction of a total of 175 houses.

First Lady Monica Geingos, who is the Patron of the Federation, and the government, has supported the federation to date with more than N$37m, through the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. These funds have been used to construct around 1 659 houses. 

“It is commendable to note that Ohorongo, FNB and Pupkewitz Foundation has gone to great lengths to further assist the Federation with more partners who have committed themselves to contribute,” Amushila has said.