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Boxing promoter apologises to NPBWCB

by Kelvin Chiringa

Kinda Promotions boxing promoter Simon “Kinda” Nangolo has been arm-twisted into apologising to the boxing Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board after he made statements last year to the effect that the board had acted like “botsotsos” for allegedly swindling his money.

The NPBWCB shot back this past September through its lawyers Metcalfe Attorneys threatening to charge him for defamation of character.

However according to information gathered by daily, Nangolo had refused withdraw the statements he made with this publication.

“My remarks were made to Hijarunguru and not NPBWCB as an entity, so why should I apologise? The man (Hijarunguru) owes me money and he knows it, why is he now hiding behind the board? He ate my money, my boxers suffered as a result, and now he has the audacity to tell to me to publicly apologise. I will not do that and, in fact, my lawyers are busy with the matter,” he is quoted as saying.

The Villager gleaned on a letter issued to him by Fisher, Quarmbry & Pfeifer whose instructions read, “We confirm that we received an email from Metcalfe Attorneys indicating that you must go ahead and place the attached apology in The Villager Newspaper only on 31 October 2017.”

In a seeming act of contrition and contrary to his initial resolve of refraining from any public apology, Nangolo has finally capitulated.

“I, Kinda Nangolo, hereby sincerely apologises to the boxing and wrestling Control Board for the defamatory statements I made in the weekly edition of The Villager Sports dated 17-23 March 2017,” reads the apology.

He goes on to say, “I regret the pain caused to its name and person. I deeply regret my actions and will refrain from doing so in future.”

At the start of this year, Nangolo had breathed fire against the board which had featured in the media extensively for being in a deplorable financial mess, and he had accused it for sanctioning a match he had organised. 

“I was struggling so much so that they can sanction the fight I was organizing. They did not want to sanction it when I requested in several meetings. It was only through the intervention of the Minister of Sport that they decided to give me the go ahead. Come the day of the fight, my money is not there,” he told The Villager Sport then.

He had threatened to take unspecified action against it saying that it had used his money without consent.

He fumed in an exclusive interview captured in the said article, “Someone in a senior position appointed even by the government and you say you are fit to run a board. I can’t believe that! I thought the Botsotsoz are in the streets, but it means they are also hiding in the offices.”

Although he could not divulge much, the promoter approached The Villager Newspaper’s premises this week seeking to place an official apology for the statements he made, clearly seeking to mend his ties with the board.