Don’t release albums for the NAMAs

Local artists have advised against dropping music albums to chase the deadline for the Namibia Annual Music Awards entries.

Tate Buti who released his 14th album titled Opena recently, said he has always been doing music to prepare his fans for the festive season and not to qualify for the NAMAs.

He said that people forget that the NAMAs are only a one-day event.

“My 20 track album was released for the festive season; I don’t really believe in rushing things just to be able to make it into the NAMAs but I don’t know what goes through my fellow artists’ heads when launching their albums this time of the year because they all have different thoughts. I can only speak for myself,” he said.

House Guru Gang’s Nasho said they will also be launching their album, The Noise, in November but pointed out that they are not releasing to meet the NAMAs deadline.

“I don’t think it is the right time to just jump up and decide you’re releasing an album which might not end up having the best quality because you want the product to be in stores to qualify for the NAMAs. We usually release around this time, ever since we started doing music,” Nasho said.

He said rushing an album for the awards is a waste of resources because at the end of the day quality is compromised.

NAMAs entries open for all and many musicians are doing their utmost best to get a piece from the cake this time around.

Bones and S-man who also dropped their first ever collabos-album, Chaos, on Friday said they worked on all the tracks for almost a year but only managed to finish the album recently.

“It was quite a struggle for us to release this album because our songs got deleted at some point and we had to start all over again. We have not decided to finally launch because of the awards although we will enter for categories we wish to be part of,” S- man said.

Bones agreed, “If you rush your album for the NAMAs and you don’t get nominated, and then what happens next? It means that as an artist you are now stuck with a poorly mastered album to promote which no one wants to listen to.”

Although Female Donkey was supposed to also release her trap album roundabout this time of the year, she said she is currently too busy with other commitments and will not rush her songs to make it to the awards.

“I have already released an album at the beginning of the year, the trap one is on hold for now, however, I don’t have a problem with someone dropping at this time of the year as long as the album is showing growth,” she explained.