I am good at chess - Uiras

Taisha Uiras, a junior chess player who is now ranked the second best in the country, has proven that hard work pays off.

Early this year she was still ranked as one of the lowest in the game, but soon that has changed.

The 15 year-old has won several games held at national level and also gave a tough time to opponents at games held in Zambia during August this year. 

She is currently a Grade 9 learner at the Otjiwarongo Secondary School in the Otjozondjupa region. 

“I am used to playing chess and can even pay it with an older person. I am good at it, so playing against older matured players does not scare me.

“In fact, they are the ones that to practice more before they come play me,” she told The Villager.

She added that to win, you also have to be prepared to lose.

Uiras also said that she does not like to play for a weak team. Therefore she is continually training to improve her skills.

After this year’s challenging games, Uiras vowed to do better for the next competition. 

“Not taking part in significant competition makes you forget how terrible it can get. It is not only one person’s game to think, so it is always good to be part of competitions and to get used to the playing environment.

“This way you can make new friends play against as part of the training. One must also know that losing is a part of the game and not cry when you lose, “she said. 

She also said chess had developed her concentration skills which she now applies to her academics, primarily when used in mathematics as it involves numbers.

“You have to think hard when you play chess so that you can avoid mistakes. What your last play move was and anticipate your next move. Chess is a game that teaches everything,” she said. 

Uiras has goals to compete at games that will one day make her a world champion.