Namartists website paving the way

Big Ben created a platform for entertainment industry players to sell their skills online at

The website is now getting recognition four years after its creation. Nam Artists was launched after Big Ben received complaints from event organisers and promoters  that there was not enough information on the Namibian performing arts industry online.

“The website aims to give Namibian musicians and industry professionals the means to list their bands, acts and skills free of charge on their own and to be able to update the information as frequently as possible to stay updated,” he explained.

Although the website has been around for close to five years some artists only came on board this year, Big Ben told Vibe.

“I am very happy that many people are now interested in being part of the website. At least now it gained a little bit of popularity,” he said.

So far, Namartists have profiled performers such as Avo Emilio, Danny Azangi, Sean Naude, Mr simple and 38 more artists.

“The website can be accessed by anyone, there is no limitation and to be part of it you can just submit or to call for queries,” Big Ben explained.

“This website makes things easier for the cooperate world to find guitarists, drummers, musicians, comedians for their events. We also have a map that tells the organisers where exactly the artists are located,” Big Ben noted.

He also said people in the entertainment business to make use of the platform for business opportunties by giving the world excess to their profiles. 

“Go to the website and follow the instructions and fill in the required information but don’t just lie that you have released six albums while we know that you only have one. We will pick it up and the website will reject it,” he laughed.