Hazard to establish a union for musicians

Musician and former International University of Management SRC president Hazard Hamunyela (IUM) has revealed his plans to start a musicians’ union to represent the interests of local entertainers.

This week, he also spoke to Vibe on his new single titled ‘Dhindolola’ and gave a glimpse of his upcoming plans to launch his union.

“I have already done all the paperwork for the Union, we do have NASCAM as our representative, but I feel like it is not doing enough. 

“We still have musicians who are struggling to get their money from performances, and there is nothing they can do to claim that money because organisers know that they can just decide not to pay and nothing can happen,” he said.

Hazard added that he has also approached stakeholders to come on board and turn the dream of a unifying music federation into a reality, but cannot promise a date for the launch.

“If we have a union where each member can at least pay N$5.00 every month. We can improve our entertainment industry, but right now I don’t want to give too much information because it is still in the pipeline,” he noted.

Apart from that, he mentions that his new single Dhindolola has been received well and his fans should expect bigger things with a music video which is due next month.

“Dhindolola speaks about a young girl who is a gold digger who just want to take everything from the bob card for material things and just sending out a message out there that, we are aware of these type of girls’ doing,” he said.

….the rest of the interview is available on video at www.thevillager.com.na