An inquiry into morals: Free Love and Passion Killing

In his excellent work, Lila of 1991, Robert Pirsig deliberated on two essential metaphysical concepts, these are, Dynamic quality and Static quality, of relevance to this article - static condition was thus broken down into:

and Intellectual patterns (ideas).

The above are in ascending order of morality, of which evolution is the moral progression of these patterns of value. For example, a biological pattern overcoming an inorganic pattern (e.g. a bird flight which overcomes gravity) is a moral thing because a biological pattern is a higher form of evolution. 

Likewise, a social pattern of value overcoming a biological one (e.g. condemnation and rejection of adultery) is a moral development because social values are higher forms of evolution than biological desires.

In light of the description above, one would, therefore, love to incorporate and entertain the idea of free love herein. 

Free love came to be understood as a social movement that accepts all forms of love. With a primary aim that seeks freedom from state regulations and church interference in personal relationships, insisting that both men and women have the right to sexual pleasure without social or legal restraints. 

As we all know by now, these principles came to be enshrined in our somewhat liberal constitution, therefore, resulting in the prevalence of free love practices in our society, as is self-evident these practices both consciously and subconsciously are cherished and therefore embraced by most notably the younger generations. Although guaranteed and protected by the constitution these practices are mostly done in contradiction to our ancient societal values and our current societal moral expectations. 

This is often so because the religious establishment together with the traditional institutions and our legal framework tend to be inadequate, restricted and or left with little authority in getting involved in matters of sexual relationship, the irony is, of course, people only turn to these institutions when they want to get married or divorce.

This by far and large explains why we have in recent years witnessed, and sadly enough, continue to witness a deeply disturbing trend of which those who are or were involved in sexual relationships, more often than not, subject each other to least and sometimes extreme physical and emotional violence resulting in many times in murder cases, hence the inform term we came to know as "passion killing". 

There is no single doubt that commercialism and materialism as prevalent as they are in the contemporary society, had an enormous contribution to passion killing, for we all know that there is a significant number of people who take advantage of sex as a biological need and turn it into an economic transaction. 

One would also like to point out that materialism and the sexual objectification of women cannot be dealt with in isolation to our cultural, political, social and economic history, primarily. 

Allow me to conclude by referring to what I had begun with, you see the reason we have passion killing today is that there is a degeneracy in our ascending order of morality, in that, the is no evolution taking place hence the moral regression. 

This is caused mainly by the fact that we have allowed biological patterns (sexual pleasure) to overcome the social habits (behaviour and institutions) this as we can see have resulted in the immortality. 

For take away our social values and its institutions, and you will have wild animals, lions to have sexual desires but what differentiates us from them is the social patterns and intellectual patterns. 

Gabriel N. Haulyamayi

Social and intellectual entrepreneur