Local musicians react to Omarion show fiasco

Local musicians that have performed at the much touted Omarion show have come out guns blazing against social media critics who have made the entire event a laughing stock.

Speaking to Vibe, Tate Buti said that people who did not bother to show up at the show should not speak on the event.

"The show was good, there was a reasonable number of people, I don't know why people are going on about this and, how do you know if it was not just a private party organised. Don't laugh at another person's arse and forget that you also have one," he fumed.

He said the picture circulating on social media about the empty show was taken while people where still arriving.

Abby Kavara from the group TKB who also performed at the show said they had fun despite the low turn up.

"This whole thing started after the poser came out and many people started talking about how bad the performance line up was because they wanted to be part of it. We don't have unity in the industry everyone wants to compete against someone instead of building and supporting each other," he noted.

Paul Da Prince said he was disappointed by the negative social media posts because "it shows how people actually enjoy seeing another person's hustle fall than supporting each other."

When reached for a comment, Swart Baster refused to talk about it.

"Every one is calling me asking about the Omarion show, why did they not come and see for themselves?"he jabbed.

Meanwhile critics have lambasted the marketers for doing a lousy job while others feel Omarion was a bit rusty for a crowd puller.

The Omarion show goes in the hall of shame together with the R Kelly event which also turned out to be a loud sounding nothing despite tickets having had been significantly sold.