Sports legends honoured in style

An array of sporting legends from various disciplines were given their rightful honour and recognition at the recent Sports Awards this past weekend.

The star studded awards night was marked by glitz and glamour and was attended by prominent faces.

From socialites to prominent professionals and an entire host of journalists the night came with the magic of sport with former Springboks coach De Villiers as guest of honour.

The Villager Sport had the honour to chat with a number of them who opened their hearts and expressed a mixture of feelings at this gesture courtesy of MTC.

Renowned pugilist and Namibia’s third time world Champion Julius ‘’Blue Machine’’ Indongo scooped the coveted Sportsman of the year award and went home bagging two gongs.

‘’I feel so happy and so excited for grabbing two trophies, I have been having such hope. I have done a lot for the country. I have been off for a few week but I have returned back to the ring to prepare for my come back,’’ said the humble former world champ.

First Namibian professional boxer and world champ, the hailed undisputed champion Harry Simon was celebrated for having put Namibia on the map and setting the motion for a successful boxing industry.

‘’Great, great, I am happy. I have made a remarkable record by being Namibia’s first world champion and I am still undefeated for over 20 years,’’ said the relaxed and humbled veteran.

Namibian world boxing champion Paulus Ambunda was all smiles as he donned the MTC blazer of fame and the same went for the stout and stylishly dressed Paulus Moses.

‘’Oh I am happy man. I feel very proud man, this is not an easy thing, and everything comes with hard work. I am still in the game, I am ranking number three in the world now,’’ said Moses.

Internationally acclaimed boxing promoter Nestor Tobias was given his due respect and honour for grooming three world champions and seeding Namibia with a remarkable class of fine boxers.

World class athlete Johanness Nambala went home with a glassy gong for the Disabled Sportsman of the year.

‘’I have been working out all this year and since last year September. I scooped an award and I am proud of it,’’ said Nambala as he looked stunning in his grey suit topped by an outstanding yellow ball-tie.

Johannes Helalia scooped the sportswoman of year award among famous athletes like national hockey team captain Magreth Mengo.

‘’I feel so excited, I was not expecting this, three of us we nominated and I was not aware that I would be the one. I want to give glory and honour to the almighty God for making this possible for me,’’ said the soft speaking athlete.

Top ranked track runner Franky Fredericks acknowledged his award in absentia having flown outside the country while the legendary Luketz Swartbooi also fell in the list of champions.

Namibia’s most successful soccer player and Brave Warriors Coach Riccardo Manneti drew the cameras towards him as he walked the hall of fame with pride and a beaming face.

Former national rugby captain Jacques Berger also basked in the glow of the light of fame as he got his due respect and honour while first Paralympics gold medallist Johanna Benson was also celebrated.

‘’It’s always been a great honour to represent my country Namibia. I have always been proud of that and to get recognition tonight and see people appreciate what I have done for the country,’’ he said.

Soccer legend and Namibia’s house-hold property Congo Hindjou received adulation and wowed the crowds as his career was summarised by a short video clip of his hay days on the pitch.

‘’It’s been long over-due. Last time I played football was 11 years ago and I think we have to say thanks to MTC for recognising us as legends,’’ said Hindjou.

Another football legend Collin Benjamin’s illustrious career was brought to life amidst a heavy aura of reminiscence and pride as he too joined the long list of accomplished heroes of Namibian and world sport.

The same went for Razundura Tjikuzu whose humble walk on the slick and richly lit stage endeared him to the crowds that filled the Country Club’s dining hall to capacity.

Namibia’s swimming sensation Monica Dahl popped from the pages of history and walked her way to receiving her award as the master of ceremony reminded the audience about her colourfully written book of sporting glory.

Retired Namibian footballer and assistant coach Ronnie Kanalelo was also honoured and by the time the curtains were brought down on the stage, an entire array of heroes of sports towered above as journalists converged on them for historical photo shoots.