Slammer drops music online

Hip-hop musician Jeffrey Haoseb, aka Slammer, has dropped two new singles titled Run the Whole Town and Another Love Song on iTunes.

Slammer has given up on the conventional way of releasing music into the market by launching on radio or CD because digital sales are an excellent way to sell music to the world and not have a limited target market, he said.

“Everything is moving to digital now, so we have to push our music on the internet and not depend only on physical CDs. 

“We spent so much money on printing CDs but don’t get any reasonable profit out of it anymore like before. It is sad, but unfortunately people don’t like to buy hard copies anymore,” he said.

Slammer revealed that the ‘Another Love Song’ track is dedicated to his long-distance girlfriend who is currently in Germany.

“The song is just talking about being in a long distance relationship with someone and assuring them to continue trusting you despite the distance. 

“Girls find it hard to trust those of us who are in the music industry,” he said.

On this song, he features RnB singer Paul Da Prince, and the music video for the song was released two weeks ago.

He believes that the music video which has over 2 000 views now was received well by his fans.

“People love the video, and I have never imagined someone from countries such as the US, Germany to download my song. 

“The highest number of people downloading the song are from other countries foreign countries,” Slammer stressed.

He further said that Namibians hardly support local content, and that radio stations are killing the industry playing mostly international music.

...more to come on video...