Standard bank donates N$800 000 to FAWENA

Standard Bank Namibia donated N$806 000 to the Forum for African Women Educationalist in Namibia (FAWENA) yesterday.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Standard Bank’s acting head of marketing Sigrid Tjijorokisa said, “Recognising the importance of education for Namibia’s future sustainability and economic upliftment, the bank has continuously been contributing towards benefiting secondary education of learners under the auspices of FAWENA.”

According to Tjijorokisa, FAWENA is one of their key CSI initiatives and have invested millions to benefit a thousand disadvantaged learners in all 14 regions of the country.

“We have partnered with FAWENA since 2009 increasing educational opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children. Programs and activities include the scholarship itself as well as mentoring and empowerment programs which have been implemented in all regions,” she said.

She further noted that the objective is to assist children to stay in school and succeed by providing school uniforms, school supplies, transportation costs and toiletries while stating that basic items are often taken for granted.

“Since the inception, we have seen the rewards with some of these school learners who graduated from Secondary schools, with many of these graduates becoming productive citizens like engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers and business people,” she explained.

FAWENA executive member, Gerson Kongoro was enthusiasm at the handover ceremony saying, “Now, we come to the very important role players who are the real custodians and essential stakeholders of this entire process. My dear family without you the scholarship support would not have happened but you made it happen.”

He further noted that no one should feel left out and therefore working together is important.

“Let us embrace this wonderful opportunity to reach and build Namibia, our beloved country. And you, my dear learners are the rightful decision makers of the future. Therefore work hard and reach the top,” he said.

Kongoro further emphasised on the importance of education saying it is a golden opportunity and should not be taken for granted.