Namibian Junior Squash competing well in Paarl Junior Squash Open

The top two Namibian o/16 Junior Squash Players, Arno Diekmann (Wanderers Squash Club) and Henko Knipe (Klein Windhoek Squash Club) have again taken part in the annual Paarl Junior Squash Open from 6 to 8 October 2017 held in Paarl, South Africa. 

This competition is reckoned as one of the critical competitions for an overall SA ranking and for the yearly Bloemfontein Open that is seen as the most important Junior Squash competition for individual juniors each year. 

The Inter-Provincial Tournament is the highlight of the SA Junior calendar, where teams from all provinces compete against each other. 

This is a competition all our Namibian Juniors would like to take part in as soon as they have reached that level. 

Taking part in SA tournaments is therefore of vital importance to bring them up to that standard.

Henk Knipe, a parent, travelling with them says that it is evident that Namibia has the talent and dedication amongst its players to compete in SA and internationally with enough exposure. 

Still remembering that first competition in SA three years ago, he says it was evident that their SA opponents have realised that these two have become a force to be reckoned with and that it only took them three years from the bottom of the ranking order to be counted in when the best go to the court.

Namibian Junior Squash Players are fortunate that a large number of senior players support them in giving them good practice and also allowing them to take part in senior competitions to expose them to a faster and higher pressure games. 

It is becoming standard practice that a few junior players appear in the A and B divisions of local senior competitions. It is however always right to compete against your peers from time to time to determine your skills level for your age.

After a lot of hard work by these two players and playing against some of the best in the Western Cape as well as from other parts of SA, Arno came 3rd and Henko 5th in the Paarl Open.

"The games that they lost to end up in these positions were very tough and their opponents new pretty well that they had their work cut-out to win them", Henk says.

"It was also great to receive comments, support, congratulations and respect from the local SA coaches for the progress these two players have made and confirming that their players are also starting to measure them up with ours," Henk says.

The next local tournament will be the Club Challenge between Klein Windhoek and Wanderers Squash Club end of this week.