PK administration gears up for Rap battle volume II

The second rap battle where 16 rappers will be going head to head against each other with intricate and creative punch lines will be taking place at the Warehouse theatre this coming Saturday.

Speaking to Vibe, rap battle founder Popyeni Kaxuxwena said of the 16 rappers, 15 will be male and the other female. 

However, the 16 are divided into three categories which are, the best rap song, freestyle and battle rappers.

“For the best rap song category, artistes are going to present their recorded songs and get judged based on that, while free styling require musicians to rhyme without having to write anything. Battle rappers will go head to head against each other but just in a poetic kind of way,” he said.

The winners will be walking away with trophies and a cash price of N$5 000.

With only one female rapper competing against male rappers, Popyeni encourages underground female street poets to come out and take part in the next battle.

“Unfortunately we could only get one female rapper to come out because most of them are still in their shells. I think there should be more platforms like this for women as well because as far as I am concerned we do have a lot of female hip-hop artistes that are very good,” he stated.