Athawise to launch debut album

Dave Munyama aka Athawise will be releasing his debut album titled Elite Esylum this Friday at the Olympia Public Swimming Pool.

Athawise has just returned from Cuba where he was pursuing his studies in law.

Elite Esylum is a 12 track album and was produced by Blvc Boxx Entertainment, a music label to which he is signed.

According to the rapper/singer, he decided to follow his passion for music after completing his grade 12 and from there he never looked back.

He told Vibe, “I decided to make music after ghost-writing a song and the producer that was working on it suggested that I should do some vocals, and they all liked the results while the rest is history.”

He further noted that he had not featured any local musicians on his album but rather he has worked with musicians from Angola and Cuba.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t worked with Namibian artists on the album, but at the launch. There will be many local musicians doing their thing, people like TopCheri, Tesh, KK, Afroberies, King Elegant, Omagogos and Princeton,” he said.

A year ago Athawise released a single titled Do Your Dance that was received well on radio waves and social media platforms.

TopCheri who also joined him at The Villager Studio said that she would be rocking the stage with King Elegant’s new song she featured on titled Hangover.