Whilzahn Gelderbloem dates Night Under the Stars

A Namibian woman’s perseverance and persistence to develop a vocal talent are to showcase on 3 November 2017 when the Goethe-Institut Namibia welcomes Whilzahn Gelderbloem to Night Under the Stars (NUTS).

 Cast in the award-winning movie “Katutura”, Gelderbloem's vibrant soul is set to instigate an irresistibly positive response. 

Born in Swakopmund and raised across Namibia by a single mother, Gelderbloem is to for the first time deliver original tracks and performances developed through various experiences. 

“My mother’s work meant we travelled a lot across Namibia and while that meant not so many friends for long, it also had me learn four Namibian languages.

In high school, my mother decided to provide us with satellite television to keep me at home as I was always socialising on the streets. This exposed me to music television and international artists,” said Gelderbloem. 

The combination of international music television and socialising on the Namibian streets resulted in a young girl with curiosity, who with friends formed the group “065vers” that recorded their songs and performed at official events. 

While being part of the group, Gelderbloem took the liberty and began exploring beat-boxing. 

“I call myself an artist because I am always venturing into different disciplines and never only stick to one. I don’t have formal training in arts, and everything I can do is self-taught, which is a pure demonstration of my ability to work hard, grow and learn,” she said.

Having featured in local competitions and performed for diplomats abroad, the local radio personality believes in self-empowerment. 

“Music has been important in my life to escape and deal with depression, which taught me that opportunities don’t always fall out of the sky, sometimes you have to create them for yourself.”