We won’t break up - Ethnix

The young and talented RnB duo, Ethnix, is trending on radio waves with their new single Omutima.

The twosome, Etjo and Page also told The Villager that they have big plans for their music career and will not break up any time soon.

Etjo told Vibe that their new single talks about loving someone that you would have to let go of at the end of the day.

They started making music in 2014 when one of the biggest music producers in the country ,Araffath, signed them under his record label Tripple7.

“Our breakthrough came after performing our first song ‘Lambela’ at the 2014 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA), and it was one of the best experience,” Page said.

Although they are no longer signed to Tripple7, they are still working on their debut album under Paula Christoph’s management.  

“We are working on our first album, but we can’t reveal the name. We want it to be a surprise. You can never tell how many plates will come out of a pot when it is still cooking,” Etjo said.

Page also corroborated Etjo’s comment saying that he prefers the album to be a surprise to their fans.

“Ethnix is here to stay, and we are going to be singing and rapping our lungs out even if I turn 50 years old I will still be rapping,” Page said.

They also said that they are not looking to compete with other musicians but only to complement the industry with their talent.

“We are planning on dropping more good albums, and we are not going to break up anytime soon. Ethnix is like a family now, besides music our families, friends and partners know each other,” they said.

Even though music is their first passion, they are both pursuing their studies at tertiary level.

They told Vibe that they juggle music and school well because music is a passion and not a burden.