Kautondokwa ruins the night for Meshack Mwankemwa

Namibia’s hard-hitter Walter “The Executioner” Kautondokwa proved his salt after he ruined Tanzanian boxer Meshack Mwankemwa’s hopes of grabbing the WBO Africa Middleweight title in a fight dubbed “Champions in Action” held over the weekend in Windhoek.

Kautondokwa floored the Tanzanian in the third round and won by knock-out, coming off the ring with 16 fights and 16 wins and remaining Africa’s undefeated Middleweight Champion.

The champ entered the ring with flamboyance flanked by Nestor Tobias and his team, and the very first two rounds showed him to be more at ease and sure of an early win.Towering over the younger and equally aggressive Mwankemwa, Kautondokwa had a definite height advantage and a distinct pool of raucous supporters who were crying for blood.

His punches were precise and stunned the Tanzanian who, nevertheless, came out hard and furious and managed to land home a couple of shots that hit hard against his rival.

 But it was the third round that brought out the best out of the undisputed champion who brought down unforgiving punches on his opponent t before he buckled under their ferocity, unable to contain himself as the referee waved him off the fight. 

The night also came with the glam of perfect boxing from the up and coming Harry Simon Junior who proved to be sleek and smart and as capable an athlete as his veteran father.

Squaring off with the stouter heavily built Nathaniel Shimanda in a four rounds stint, the veteran’s son was more focused while the crowd went wild at every one of his punches and confident show-boating.

He came out the winner and speaking to The Villager, Simon Jnr, who is relocating to Windhoek under the Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy from his Walvis Bay stable, said he dedicated the fight to his father who was also celebrating his birthday.

Part of the highlights saw the world’s number nine, Mikka Shonena demonstrating that the future of Namibian boxing equally lay at his back as he wreaked havoc upon the resilient and robust Ugandan Juma Waiswa.

This match was as appalling as the punches were fierce, and catching his opponent square in the face with clean and precise straight punches and well-aimed hooks, Shonena took the fight to the bitterest end.

Waiswa’s punches floundered, and his foot-work was pathetic, attracting the scornful humour of the crowds who wanted him stopped in the earliest rounds.

Despite that, he proved quite a beast, daring Shonena to come on harder only to absorb his brutal punches yet failing to get him at each turn he got Shonena cornered to the ropes.

Shonena emerged the WBO Africa Welterweight Champion.

Another major highlight saw the showdown between the lanky Paulinus Paulus raining his hands upon Zimbabwean based Silas Mandeya who came out with a ruined bleeding face as he failed to come close to matching the Namibian.