MoF to transfer N$295 million to NSFAF

The Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Olavi Hamwele confirmed that the Ministry of Finance will transfer N$295 million to NSFAF on the of 20th October.

According to the acting CEO speaking at a press conference today, NSFAF and NANSO have come to an agreement and the students are expected to receive their payments from next week Monday.

“We have come to an agreement with NANSO on four points, the first one is to anticipate the transfer of N$295 million from the Ministry of Finance to NaSFAF and we expect that particular process to be finalised by tomorrow,” he said.

The N$100 million from the N$295million will be assigned to the non-tuition fee while N$195 million will be assigned to tuition fees to institutions of higher learning.

“We will be expecting payments from the 20th to the 27th of this month, however the tuition fees we may not pay a full amount. We will only be able to pay 50 percent of the outstanding amount with an understanding that we will engage the institutions,” Hamwele noted.

He further said NSFAF and NANSO have also agreed to engage the institutions to allow students to write examinations saying that students were mostly worried about writing examinations.

“While we are effecting those payments we will jointly be engaging those institutions to allow the students to write exam. We will also be providing the list of pending awards because we have 2 000 pending applications, 800 will kind of be finalised tomorrow and we will make that list available to higher level institutions,” He explained.

Hamwele also confirmed that NSFAF currently has 1 200 applicants that have submitted their applications but there are some missing documents that still needs to be added.

He said, “We will give the people that have pending documents a chance till tomorrow to submit the necessary documents before we can close off. If we don’t receive them by tomorrow, we cut off but if we receive them we will look at them and see if the applicant qualifies.”