Cuban Chief Justice pays courtesy visit to Geingob

Cuban Supreme Court chief justice Ruben Remigio paid a courtesy visit to President Hage Geingob at the State House today.

Remigio was accompanied by a group of Cuban lawmakers. During his engagement with Geingob, he expressed his appreciation for Namibia’s assistance to Cuba.

He has also visited Cuban funded projects that are currently underway in Namibia and is happy with the progress made. 

“The support Namibia has given to Cuban in all the areas is very much appreciated and as lawmakers we collaborated in setting up laws that are similar to your countries laws,” he said.

President Geingob during this engagement also told the gathering that the Cubans need not to thank Namibians now because Cuba played a vital role in Namibia’s liberation struggle.

“Cubans have done so much for this country. You did not come here back to take anything from us, but you came only to collect the bodies of Cuban fighters that were fighting along with us. 

"President Fidel Castro was a great leader, and a friend and Cubans are always welcome to visit whenever they like. It is because of you that we have an independent Namibia today,” he said.