Standard Bank donates N$38 000

Standard Bank has donated N$38 000 to the Start-Up Grind for local entrepreneurs to be hosted in Windhoek tomorrow.

The bank said through this donation, it aims to elevate Small and Medium Enterprises into scalable and sustainable businesses in the country.

Windhoek Chapter Director of Start-Up Grind Stacey Pinto said, “Start-Up Grind is an ideal platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs to network with one another on common issues impacting their businesses and to share lessons and solutions in the hope of gaining insightful knowledge and experiences to become successful through key learning and experiences.”

The Bank’s Head of Business Banking Karen van der Merwe also noted that “We are inspired to support the launch of this beneficial initiative in Namibia. We believe our country has many opportunities for innovation that can address a range of issues within our economy.”

Van der Merwe further stated that “the role and success of entrepreneurs in any economy cannot be overstated and it becomes crucial that we tap into the culture of creating entrepreneurial communities where start-ups can share best practices, lessons learnt, be inspired and connect to improve the chances of survival and ultimate success.”

notable partners in this initiative are Google for Entrepreneurs, Whitelight Investments cc, Lumiere and Mikel Jes, Kasi Vibes and Windhoek Base.