Namibia wads into Spanish waters

Namibia, through the international relations and cooperation ministry, has wadded into the Catalan conflict urging Spain to solve the political standoff amicably. 

In a statement circulated to the media yesterday, the ministry was clear on government’s position on the matter which amounts to neutrality while working closely with the Spanish government.

Catalonia, a part of Spain is agitating for independence with the latter having recently disregarded of the Catalans’ vote to opt out.

“The Government of the Republic of Namibia has been following with recent concern developments on the current political situation in the Kingdom of Spain.” 

“Namibia supports the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity of any country and encourages political dialogue to the resolution of conflicts. In this regard, Namibia urges all relevant parties to the current political situation in the Kingdom of Spain to resolve the conflict peacefully within the framework of the constitution,” said the ministry.

 The ministry has also said the GRN equally commends the efforts that are being made by the Government of the Kingdom of Spain in addressing the current political situation. 

“Namibia will continue working closely with the Government of the Kingdom of Spain to maintain the existing cordial bilateral relations between the two countries.