Contestation must be fair – Geingob

President Hage Geingob opened the Swapo Party Central Committee (CC) meeting at parliament today, in which he asked contesting candidates to play fair.

The meeting is also attended by founding father Sam Nujoma, and Former president Hifikepunye Pohamba as well as other central committee members.

During the opening of the CC Geingob said that it is expected for factions to form in the party during contestations but that the process should be done so fairly.  

“Contestation will be there to deliver a winner. Where one of the candidates who are contesting emerges as a victor, all others are supposed to support,” he said.

President Geingob added that contestants should play the ball and not the man.

 “When you play the ball and the game is over, you kick the ball away, you hug and you go on to build your nation

“But when play the man there is going to be a wound. So I appeal that we do things the Swapo way. Debate, argue but not fight and at the end of it hold hands,” Geingob said.

He also discredited claims that he has made threats towards other Swapo Party members saying, “My house has always been an open house even in exile”.

The president also said that he did not incite attacks on the characters of others and that he condemns those who do.

“Let us stay committed to ensuring that we rally behind the leadership which will deliver on the promise made by the Swapo party,” Geingob said.