Helmut Angula says Geingob team is inexperienced

Swapo Party Secretary of Information and Mobilisation Helmut Angula believes that President Hage Geingob’s chosen team is made up of inexperienced people.

Angula, who announced his interest to run for the vice presidency, said Geingob's move that sidelined some senior party members would cause distrust in the party.

He told The Villager yesterday that although the top four are Geingob’s choice, there is a likelihood of adverse consequences.

Angula further said that he believes that Geingob’s nominations will cause distrust amongst members because long-serving members will feel unappreciated for their hard work.

He added that Geingob’s nominees are not as experienced as other senior members.

“Yes of course comparatively speaking but not all of them. Based on their historical achievements, it’s not like you can say some of them have extraordinary historical results. 

"Neither have they been proven on record that they have been ready to overcome difficult circumstances. Those are the things in politics. There ought to be merit,” Angula said.

Angula said that there is a danger when there is no merit applied based on performance and long-standing loyalty as it looks like anyone can buy into positions.

He said that currently, it appears as if these positions are available to “People who are fluent in doing tricks or people who have the financial capacity to bankroll themselves into the system”. 

He attributes this as a weakness in third world countries, saying that trust is transmitted from generation to generation.

“It is a standing thing that you have to be notorious, prove yourself that you can steer the ship. Not just for anybody to come and start doing experiments that can be very costly. These are the things that any politician who has an understanding of systems should pay attention to,” Angula said. 

He told The Villager that the candidates would have to prove themselves and indicate what they would do differently from their predecessors.

“Well in politics this is the game. If the appointing officer does not have interest in appointing senior leaders that is his prerogative but I will say that there is a standard we know that is of seniority. 

"There is a danger that if there is no respect for seniority, there could be division, distrust and poor performance amongst people.

“If all those people who have come a long way think they can just be jumped and bypassed by those who have no record then those who will be around will say it’s useless if you try to go an extra mile.

"If you are doing so only for other people to take the chance of your fruit but they will not recognise the contribution you have made,” Angula said.

Angula tells The Villager that his hopes are for the party to realise the basics and start attending to issues facing the nation, “instead of these childish things of spying and backbiting one another”.

He also said that preparations for the November congress are well on the way as his committee which is responsible for information and publicity has submitted its report to the leadership and is now busy procuring material needed at the congress.

He said that his committee which is responsible for information and publicity has already submitted its report.

“My budget is roughly N$3 million. That is for materials such as attires, information dissemination, and all that goes with the cost related to mobilisation material,” he said.