Whk North is decaying

it was once a thriving and a wonderful place to live in. It provided Poly and IUM students the proximity to their place of study.

Now pundits fear the beautiful Windhoek North is fast becoming another paradise lost.

It’s common knowledge that the area is flooded with foreigners now, not to be xenophobic, not all of them are there for all the good reasons.

Most house owners in Windhoek North would rather rent out rooms to foreigners than Namibian students.

Well, we all know the reason for that. What they don’t know is that they have contributed to the deterioration of the place.

The playground has become a weed-smoking area. A couple of entertainment areas and houses have turned into brothels.

Truth is the place has become a safe haven for international criminals, prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers. Calling it Hillbrow might be the slightest bit too harsh, if things carry on the same way.

Ten years from now, you gonna wish you agreed with me today.