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Suzy Eises steals Warehouse Jazz limelight

by Kelvin Chiringa


Top flying Jazz sensation Suzy Eises easily stole the limelight with her hypnotising sax at the recently held night of jazz at the Warehouse theatre.

The auditorium was fully packed and the man of the moment was the German born and world renowned Jazz Drummer, Wolgang Haffner who landed in the capital with his full band.

Without wasting much time, Suzy towered over the audience in her svelte frame which was accentuated by high heels and black slim pants and she launched herself into Despacito.

The energy was electric, spell-binding as it was equally mesmerizing.

It was to be the song which sent crowds shouting her name and screaming in awe as she blended her soul into spine tingling crescendo and simmering down into beautiful rippling mellow tunes.

With Imms on lead guitar, her uncle on the keys and another gentleman on bass, the acoustics came out heavy with emotion leaving her fans awe-struck.

“I am happy to see that there was a full house, really I was honestly happy to see that. I felt the audience loved it coz they did clap,” she laughed easily in her tiny sharp voice.

Despite the fame which she has racked right across Namibia and into the world, Suzy appreciates every opportunity she gets to perform as she says, “We don’t have many opportunities to play with a full band.”

“A lot of the times I just play with Imms and its semi-live. But this was really fun for me. We played for only 30 minutes alone so it was really fun to have us all back on stage,” she enthuses.

Trapped in the sharp stage lights of Warehouse, her band demonstrated a perfect unison as the artists communicated to each other with smiles and nods and the energy was just right.


“Jazz music is improvisation and that means that you are free to talk to each other on stage. We tell each other how we are feeling coz how we play is how we feel,” she says.

Suzy finished off her curtain raising act with Abdulla Ibrahim’s Mannenberg, a very famous Mzansi tune.

The veteran man of the moment did not disappoint either, and his sounds came out soft and firm resonating with a magnitude of genius cultivated over years and years of international tours.

Towards the end, Suzy joined him for a collaboration on the song Sunny and the magic lingered into the crowds some more till the end of the show.

“He loved his audience, he is good at making friends,” she tells Vibe hinting that they had never rehearsed the song together, “I was glad that I could have a conversation with him on stage.”

And although both did not strike a written deal for possible collaborations, Suzy says they both made verbal promises of future projects they will tackle together.

“Albums will definitely be later but for now he definitely wants that I go to German. He told me that he is willing to give me some advice on my album and criticism so I am very happy about that,” she says.

The two also spent some professional time together at Hilton Hotel as Haffner took time to sample slices of Namibian hospitality at the very heart of the capital.