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Khorixas jail-breakers rearrested

by Rodney Pienaar

The Namibian Police re-arrested five suspects who escaped from the Khorixas holding cells on Thursday last week.

The gang was on the run for less than a week before they were rearrested.

The escapees were awaiting trial when they made their getaway, and will now face extra charges including escaping from lawful custody

The escapees are Sekedias Aebeb (32) who was wanted for murder, Arnold Gaugab Guaob (20) who was appearing for stock theft and housebreaking, Desmond Tsaeb (20) for housebreaking, Forman Hoaebeb (25) who was arrested for stock theft and Moses Urimovandu (26) who was appearing for housebreaking.

In another case, Nampol is looking into a robbery that took place on Saturday at Gapes Shiheop location in Havana.

Four men, armed with a pistol and knives, allegedly broke into a shebeen and forced the victim to hand over money.

One of the accused then continued to stab the victim with the knife in the right leg before forcing him into his sleeping room to give them money.

The victim, however, fought back with a knife too, when he stabbed 3 of the suspects, killing one of the robbers who has been identified as Johannes Mokahwa.

The other two suspects were taken to the Katutura State Hospital for medical treatment; while the fourth suspect took off with the money they stole from the jukebox that they broke open. The investigations for this case continue.

The police in Rundu is also looking into a murder case after an unidentified person was stabbed to death with an unknown object.

According to police information, the murder happened on Sunday (8 October) around 02h00 at Vibe which a pub in Sauyemwa location.

The police are looking for information to identify the victim as well as the perpetrator. The police are still carrying out investigations.