Let’s not betray our fallen heroes

In the wake of the heartrending passing of one of the most celebrated daughters of the soil, Honourable Comrade Angelika Muharukua, I have this to say; Imagine that Comrade Muharukua has to carry a message to other fallen heroes of the party on the current state of the party.

What do we think the message will be? What will she tell other fallen heroes about the state of the unity in the party? Let’s for a second try to imagine ourselves in her shoes, stepping up to the podium to address some of these more significant than life figures who bled and died for this country. At the end of the speech, what will be registered on the faces on our fallen heroes?

As it is, those who paid in and shed their blood for our freedom are no doubt turning in their graves due to the way things are in the ruling. The division, the greed and power-hungriness have become cancer and the biggest threat to itself. It seems some people are prepared to betray the very traditions, values and principles the party was made upon. It is a well-known fact that the tradition of no contest for the Presidency is more than 50 years old; we have respected and followed this tradition through our first two presidents, and there was no competition for this position.

People only contested for other top positions within the party, but not the Presidency. I don’t even need to go into the details of the first congress in 1991, the congress of 1995 and the extraordinary congress of 2004, we all know the story of how our leaders demonstrated the respect for party unity and continuation. We witnessed at 2007 congress how Cde Jerry Ekandjo withdrew from contesting for vice president, thus bestowing the position to our current President. As former President Hifikepunye Pohamba was elected president unopposed, it was in the name of unity in the party and following tradition. Then came 2012 in which candidates were allowed to contest for vice president position, but President Pohamba wasn’t challenged. Did we forget about democracy this whole time and only seemed to remember it now? This fallacy needs to stop, and we need fallacy control now. Enough is enough.

It's epidemic. It's dangerous. We are just weeks from congress and today is the politburo meeting, the fallacy and its instigators are showing no sign of slowing down. We need to stand up and do something and the time has come to demand its end. In the aftermath of disturbing accusations to our leaders by people such as the governor’s driver and the Boois couple on Honourable Hanse-Himarwa, this country needs fallacy control.

Yes, we must declare war on fallaciousness. Now more than ever, the nation is suffering from an outbreak of illogical thinking by failed politicians, overnight opportunists and political propagandists. In response to their spreading propaganda, clearheaded citizens deserve a safe space from the 24/7 barrage of rhetorical nonsense by these people. Let's break down the collective cognitive breakdown. Outlandish utterances and empty talking points don't become persuasive arguments when uttered by medial social personalities. But in the bizarre land of the social media celebrity cult, failed politicians such as Elia Ngurare and Job Amupanda are desperately pushing themselves to be anointed "Namibia's conscience" and "voice of reason."

These guys and their ilk are behind all the attacks made on our leaders by people who would have rather have been everyday people. Are we supposed to think that it is just fluke that three of the ‘tallest trees’ in the ‘Hage supporting forest’ are catching the most wind and suffering the most attacks? Are we supposed to think that it’s a coincidence that Honourable Mensah-Williams, Governor Endjala and Minister Hanse-Himarwa, three of the most known and outspoken President Hage’s supporters are always under siege from the despicable anti-Hage group? Trust me it is no fluke and no coincidence either! We know better, they are simply being targeted because of the publicly displayed steadfast towards President Hage Geingob.

They go after every individual whom they see is a threat to their agenda of fighting against President Hage, they will try to create toxic lies around that individual to render them unworthy of being a leader. They will try to use any piece of little dirt they can find, and in cases where there is none, they create something. And when it comes to creating something, that’s something they are very good at. But here is the most interesting part though, only the less informed, read, educated, or otherwise, lazy mind imbibe on these fake accusations and fear mongering and believe them. And that’s no coincidence also because clear-minded Namibians see the fallacy for what it is and would not entertain it.

And those who are well informed, read and educated who choose to support such maliciousness and mediocrity have a clear and defined agenda against President Hage and his most loyal generals such as Honourable Hanse-Himarwa, Mensah-Williams and Endjala. We shouldn’t be surprised; these guys are working every day in dark alleys where they are having secret conversations, and brown envelopes are exchanging hands. These lame under-the-hip attacks and accusations are simply a coward way out, they are losing ground, and they know it.

The idea right now is to try to isolate the President by eliminating and discrediting most of his well-known and powerful supporters. As much as I want to talk about all the true supporters of Hage who are being unfairly target and victimised for their values and principles, due to lack of space I will focus on Governor Endjala. This is a man who chose to die for this country way before Amupanda was even produced as one of the sperm cells swimming around in his father’s scrotum. His only sin is getting his region to support the principles of the Swapo Party and its legacy where all former presidents of the party were endorsed for their second and even third term. By supporting the tradition of no contest for the Presidency, he is being targeted and stalked by the failed and power-hungry politicians.

He is a man that has that rich texture that rejects one-dimensional combustible rhetoric driven by the power-hungry and opportunists. They know he is a legitimate and upstanding man and can’t beat him with principles, so they are doing what they do best, get dirty. They create lies and fake allegations in hope to taint and dirty so they can capture the region, but he wouldn’t let that happen so they are desperate now. You got to give the man some credit, he is definitely behind the neutralization of the powerful Omusati Clique.

We need governors like Endjala in all regions of this country, especially in times like this. The anti-Hage are desperate that’s why they are concerned with what people are saying in their private conversations than focusing on coming up with ideas that will carry this country forward. Truth is that their assiduousness is dwindling because our awareness or possession of the facts has improved when it comes to their lies, propaganda and what their true intentions are. Our knowledge as to what motivates them or how they can be prevented, has improved and a great number of the people is getting wiser and are not as ignorant as before. We know that in the past few years they have established an infrastructure of hate and tribalism promotion, it has been established and incorporated into the mainstream if you would ask me. The social media, radio shows on stations that broadcast nationally, columns in popular newspapers, networks and relationships in the media, have all provided a platform for their deplorable ideas and despicable agenda.

They have friends in the media whose jobs have been to use their jobs to carry their sordid agendas. This is how some ‘watchdogs’ have become ‘attack dogs,’ yes, I have said that before. Views against government can get you on radio within minutes and in newspapers within hours. And yet, and yet. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to take. Even at a time when people are most vulnerable to reactionary tendencies, all their propaganda and creation of chaos in the country is feeling disembodied. There is something about standing up for the truth, the truth shall never betray you. It is only so long you can fool some people. People are now tired of easily getting fazed by the power-hungry looking for cheap publicity.

We need that ‘keep on keeping on’ spirit with the expansive, shock-absorbent soil of it, a rich texture that rejects simplistic incendiary rhetoric that is fast becoming visible among some quarters of the youth. Namibia is a beautiful country, but here you are allowed to place your ideas and stand for them no matter what. All the layers that this country has accumulated over the years, all its history, its small tolerances and everyday taxi hassles have made it at once both reserved and welcoming. Not to say that it is to say it is completely devoid of ideological dictators who are in the business of trying to shove their biased ideas and agenda down the throats of to others and appoint themselves as their think-tanks, Namibia is a place for independence of thought and ideas, encouraged by one’s choice of association.

What we have in this country is a sentient defiance with that composite of thousands of individuals choosing what to imbibe, digest, what to use for energy and what to discard from a wide range of information.

As I said before this is not to try and claim that we are not susceptible to the influence of those with a sordid agenda and propaganda to turn the masses against their own government for their own selfish benefits and gratifications. We have a chance to prevent ourselves from being bulldozed into a single theory. Namibia is tolerant, so much venom has been poured into its ears on a daily basis, provoking and trying to normalise anti-establishment behaviours, but that still feels as alien to Namibia as the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Now it’s time for us to make sure the fallacy is controlled and refuse to make home for such disorderly behavior. Hate upsurges when complications are flattened. It thrives in straightforwardness, it reverberates in hollow spaces, it echoes off a flat surface.

We are Namibians, we are none of those things. Hatred, tribalism, greed and power-hungriness cannot bring us down and this is an assertion of fact. As I have I said before, those who are against President Hage who puts Namibia first, have everything against what Namibia and its people stand for. Unless you want others to be left out, you shall not stand in the way of President Hage completing all his terms. He has done remarkably well so far, for the first time we can see we really stand a chance of benefiting equally. Thus President Hage must be allowed to lead the party as president and as head of state under the banner of the Swapo Party.

You can’t be saying you love this country and all its citizens and then hate on the Harambee Prosperity Plan, which is thus far the best blueprint we have to prosperity. To the members of the Politburo, let us not let tribalism, greed and power-hungriness win. Let us not betray those who have paid with their lives for us to be free and for Swapo to be in power by listening to those who are bitter. We are ‘Africa’s best kept secret’, our unity and tradition in the ruling party has allowed us to be such. Let us not betray our fallen heroes.