Taylor Jaye making it big

Pop and RnB singer Jaleesa !Gaoses aka Taylor Jaye is currently on tour in Nigeria to promote her new music including her latest single titled !Kho te re.

The youngster who has featured international acts such as Uhuru and Dj Clap has embraced her mother tongue in her music which is gaining popularity in other parts of Africa now.

Taylor Jaye says that she is not only a musician but also an academic with a Bachelors in Software Engineering from Monash University in South Africa.

The Villager Entertainment had a chat with the star this week, and this is what she had to say:

Full Name: Jaleesa !Gaoses

Stage Name: Taylor Jaye

Occupation: Musician and Software Engineer

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Single

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Windhoek, but I also spent part of my childhood and early college years in California.

When did you start making music?

Started when I was eight but launched my independent professional career two years ago.

What have been one of your biggest gigs?

I have had the pleasure to perform at various events, and in Namibia, my most significant honour was to perform at our First Lady's one foundation launch in 2016, it was such a privilege to play for our President and our First Lady. In South Africa, I have done quite a lot of memorable events most. I recently did the Christmas festival tour in July with the Kalawa Jazmee label across the entire Johannesburg.

What else do you do when you are not making music?

Besides music I'm a qualified Software Engineer, I graduated two years ago in South Africa with my Bachelors.

What inspired the song !Kho te re?

I remember when I was at Kalawa studios writing the song, everyone that heard the beat just wanted to dance so, their reactions towards the sound made me write a song which talks about feeling fresh on the dance floor.

The song is about feeling "too hot" to touch on the dance floor. I just wanted a party anthem.

Who produced !Kho te re?

It was produced by the Uhuru group from Kalawa Jazmee with Dj Clap playing the most significant role in the production.

What is your music career background?

Started music as a kid and ended up in choirs and so forth. Before I launched my solo career. I was signed to a hip-hop label in SA before I left and started my label.

I released my first single and music video for African Kings Ft Chin Chilla two years ago at a media press launch event in Windhoek and won an American award for that for Best International Music Video. Since then I have released an EP from which stems my hit single Supa Chikita.

I also released a music video for a press event in December 2016 in Namibia. And for which I was also nominated at Namas 2017. I followed that up with my current music video for my single "ma /hao" ft Big Star which is currently receiving great rotation on the countdown charts of Channel O and Trace. I recently just released my latest single "!Kho te re" ft Uhuru x DJ Clap and this is off my first album that I will be releasing this year.

Are you married or single?

I'm not married. Just focused on my career.

What projects are you currently working and who signed you?

Currently working on my album which I am excited about as it is a follow up to my EP titled 780. I just also wrapped my media tour in Nigeria promoting my current single, and I am getting ready to start my SA radio tour before heading home to Namibia to do press conferences for my latest single.

I am signed to Jaye's World Entertainment a label which I co-own. 

What are your future music plans?

Besides my album and obviously everything associated with it. I plan to continue to push my music and brand across the continent of Africa.

As I said earlier, I just got back from a West African media tour so now we have Namibian music playing on West African TV and radio. So I will continue to do that and push our music wherever I can because I believe that Namibian music needs to be heard everywhere and that's primarily why I am based in SA it's to push our music beyond our borders.