MNali grabs technology by the hands with new album

Afro-Pop and kwaito artist MNali, real name Nalimanguluke Ndengu, made history as the first Namibian artist to launch his 18 track and six music videos on a USB flash drive last week on Friday.

MNali said that he decided to release his album on a USB flash Drive to move away from printing music on CDs.

“I just want to come out differently this time, people hardly buy CD’s this days, so I thought why not release all the songs on a USB including six music videos and free space,” MNali said.

The six videos that are on his album are little darling, Buku Buku, Thank you, Nkulungu ft Tate Boeti and Ocheke.

The music video titled, Buku Buku was released on the 28th July on YouTube, and has 3 606 views.

According to the passionate artist, he has also featured musicians such as The Dogg, Kalux, Dice, Ash, Romano, Acee, Beast and Steep including Sunny Boy on his upcoming album.

“The album is just about promoting unity among many musicians because I have realised that we don’t want to work together to put our music on the map,” he said.

MNali already has a solo album under his belt titled, The Tales of MNali, in which he still featured The Dogg, Exit, Tequila, Berthold and Lil D. 

He also produced a movie last year under ‘Dope Boys Znote Studio ‘Alina’ a film demonstrating what few Namibian women go through on a daily basis and it was nominated for the Namibian Theatre and Film Awards.

The young Afro Pop star further said, “I started making music in 2004, I am making music for ten years now I joined the music industry after meeting a fellow artist that I have looked up to for many years Omzoo.”

After meeting Omzoo he then decided to finally let go of his fears and see what the music industry has to offer, he never looked back after that.

“I have always wanted to make music; I think I remember telling my mom that I would like to become a musician and she encouraged me to rather go for a paying job saying that there is no money in music. I cried that day, so, I started writing lyrics on the back cover of the school textbooks when I am at a school that’s how deep it is.