ACC ‘shy’ of Geingob- Engelbrecht


Citizens for Accountable and Transparent Society political and rights activist Carola Engelbrecht has said high profile corruption cases go un-investigated because the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is "shy" of the President, she made this statement during a Konrad Adenauer Stiftung panel discussion on  “How corruption makes us poor” last night.

The ACC's appointment is carried out by the Head of State and Engelbrecht said for that reason it shies away from throwing the net over high profile figures and political big wigs implicated in graft cases.

"Why is the ACC shy? They fear they will lose their jobs and why? Because they are nominated by the president. Can you imagine? Nominated by the president, the names go to parliament to be approved. But when you have 90 percent of one party do they say anything else? They don't. 

She also added, "There is a lack of political will from the politicians to make laws with teeth. ACC is saying the law is not strong enough but the law has been created in 2003, promulgated in 2006 and remains there. Some other laws have been changed but the ACC law just stays the same." 

 She has slammed the graft-investigation body for saying most allegations have no proof just to avoid locking horns with the "big-fish".

"Do you really think there was no proof inside the SME Bank? People who worked there knew what was going on. Do you really think at the RCC where people are now whining and crying for losing their jobs didn't know what was going on? Honestly, then you must be really dump!" she said.

She however challenged citizens to follow up corruption reports with proof and for the anti-corruption drive to be part of the school curriculum.