Yvonne Boois - Made of greed, bitterness and dishonesty

In trying to differentiate between bitterness and anger, the great Maya Angelou once said, “bitterness is like cancer.

It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.” Is Yvonne Boois bitter? Absolutely. Hurt? You bet your sweet behind she is. Who doesn’t feel a part of their heartbreak at rejection or being denied reappointment even when the result of it all is your incompetence? 

I have carefully studied and investigated the Yvonne, Seth Boois vs Andreas, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa saga for the last two weeks. I spoke to both couples at their respective places of residences. In both my interviews, I requested documents to back up claims. I must also add that I attended Yvonne’s press conference. Furthermore I went a step further to try to speak to people they mentioned during the interviews and press conference to get a clearer picture.

I have come to findings as to what it is Yvonne and her family are mad about. Many people are mistaking Yvonne’s bitterness for anger; hers is a very economical relationship with truth and honesty. Her problems with Hanse-Himarwa began when she was denied reappointment as Chief Regional Officer at Hardap Regional Council allegedly because she was incompetent and failed to prepare a key performance indicator document, the Five Year Strategic Plan. 

Yvonne Boois’ story to becoming Chief Regional Officer in Hardap is a fascinating one because it was through the affirmative action and also that it was catapulted by none other than the woman she now sees as her mortal enemy and has called names, Minister Hanse-Himarwa. After results of the interviews for the Chief Regional Officer were pronounced, Yvonne came out fourth having failed dismally during the interviews. But by being a female, Honourable Hanse-Himarwa and her council put in a strong recommendation to the Public Service Commission for her to be appointed and succeeded.

As a candidate that came out fourth in the interviews, her appointment as Chief Regional Officer was based on affirmative action and that is something she did not deny during my interview with her at her residence. It is worth noting that when news began filtering in that Yvonne was seeking reappointment as CRO, the majority in the Hardap region was not in favour owing to her performance that left a lot to be desired and continued allegations of corrupt activities.

The dishonesty

The story of Yvonne Boois, as I said earlier is indeed a fascinating one. During her time as Chief Regional Officer, amongst other allegations levelled against her, I have it on good authority that she wheel-chaired her husband Seth Boois into the position of Chief Executive Officer of Kalkrand Village Council despite his also coming out as the fourth favoured in the interviews.

 It would appear as if the Boois family has an incredible and somewhat peculiar relationship with the number four, as you may recall she came out on a N$4 000 bail recently after being arrested and charged with corruption. The number four still plays out in the number of her daughters. In my investigations, I also found that Seth tried to intentionally run over a member of Kalkrand community known for being an anti-corruption campaigner after he had openly criticised him over his alleged corrupt activities.

During my interview with Yvonne, she claimed that the council had not initially given a reappointment letter only to be rescinded after Honourable Hanse-Himarwa had meddled in the matter. This was however rejected by members of the council I spoke to as they categorically denied providing her with such. The members said if any such letter exists, as Yvonne claimed ,it is indeed bogus and obtained dubiously.

When council informed Yvonne that they were not going to reappoint her, Yvonne and Chairperson of the Council Jeremias Van Neel whose name is heavily linked to some of the alleged corrupt activities levelled against her took the council to labour court with some success. Though I couldn’t independently verify it, I was informed by someone close to Yvonne that also happened to be at the press conference that she was paid out a hefty sum close to or a little over a million dollars. People I spoke to familiar with Yvonne’s stint in office as Chief Regional Officer, painted a picture of, in the words of one of them, “a ruthless looter who had come to the region with nothing more than a personal enrichment agenda”. 

During the interview, Yvonne claimed that since her husband’s suspension as CEO of Kalkrand Village Council, there had been no charges to date, no council resolution and no minutes. As per the information I gathered from the Ministry of Rural and Urban Development, an investigation was done and concluded, and that there was a council resolution as per information from the relevant authorities.

The Kalkrand Council is still to get to me with a report and charges against Boois. Also during the press conference, in an attempt to dehumanise Hanse-Himarwa, Yvonne paraded a female pensioner who the minister had allegedly kicked out of a farm that the government had resettled her on. The pensioner and Yvonne claimed the minister threw her out of the plot and relocated her relatives there, but facts found at the Lands Ministry suggested that the pensioner had occupied a unit that was not allocated to her.

In fact, the pensioner and her family challenged the ministry’s decision in court and lost the case. Why Yvonne and the pensioner failed to inform me that they had challenged the ministry in court and lost, opting to blame Honourable Himarwa instead, I have no idea. Greedy ol’ Yvonne I grew up with a British proverb that speaks of an American grandfather talking to his young grandson. The old man tells the boy he has two wolves inside of him struggling with each other. The ?rst is the wolf of peace, love and kindness. The other wolf is fear, greed and hatred. Which wolf will win, grandfather?

“Whichever one I feed”, is the reply from the old man. After doing a thorough look into Yvonne Boois and the company in which she has partnered guided by her claims of not getting dues and ends not being cut correctly, her actions reminded me of the old British proverb and the information at my disposal just showed me which wolf Yvonne has been feeding - And it is the one of fear, greed and hatred! On this one, I would also like to start at the very beginning when the company was started.  Hanse-Himarwa’s husband, Andreas J Himarwa, was planning to start a company that would seek fishing quotas. In my interview with Honourable Hanse-Himarwa, she confirmed that she got Yvonne into the company with her husband and others, a decision she strongly regrets today.

“In good faith, I requested my generous husband not to consider some of our relatives he had intended to involve in the company so that he could add Yvonne Boois instead to empower her as a fellow woman who was working under my direction and control,” she said to me.  She added, “Yvonne did not contribute any penny to the creation of the company, the only thing she brought on board was coming up with the name ‘Hotago’.  She is merely a fortunate invitee to the table of the company, who has since turned out to be a parasite only interested in knowing when dividends will be paid out.” 

A closer look among the five partners in the company showed that only Yvonne has a problem with Andreas Himarwa, something I had initially thought was odd until when I came to understand where her bitterness stemmed from; losing out on reappointment as CRO which she strongly blames on Honourable Hanse-Himarwa. Initially, Yvonne had claimed that she is owed monies from proceeds as dividends since 2012 without proof of documentation, until when I confronted her with proof of payment that was also provided to her lawyers did she change her story to not being paid only since August last year.

 After I produced documents from the high court on the case she withdrew against Andreas Himarwa and others and agreed to pay her opponent’s legal fees, in her defence, Yvonne claimed that she was advised by her lawyers to withdraw the civil case as she stood a better chance of success in criminal proceedings.

When quizzed why her lawyers failed to advise her on instituting a criminal case in the first place, not to wait until hitting a snag in the high court, Yvonne could not explain but opted to drift to other matters. Consumed by bitterness  Here is an extract from one of Yvonne’s  controversial and bitter posts on Facebook, “ . . . Yes, reading the Windhoek Observer of today made me think back to yesteryear, the year in which Comrade Shifdi was killed…. The likes of Margaret Mensah-Williams were celebrating the death of another ‘terrorist’, today she and many others like her are better and mightier comrades than anybody else… how shameful…” 

And there, in that sentence, the bitterness blatantly leaks again out of her. Her bitterness towards Andreas Himarwa and Mensah-Williams is so intense that it has completely extinguished the very love from which it was conceived. And thus, Yvonne has ceased to feel. There is nothing further in which to believe that made the prospect of feeling worthwhile. During the interview, she cast downtrodden eyes upon me, spoke with a hint of regret at her hitherto lack of indifference after knowing the documents in my possession. 

All a dim illusion, was it? Surely it was foolish of me to think that any of her claims had substance. Thus, until evidence she has been claiming to have against others, which she failed to bring out at the conference as she had promised, is brought to light, Yvonne cannot challenge the fact that she is a dishonest, greedy and bitter individual out to tarnish others. She is bitter now that she is finding herself on the dark side of life and wrong side of history because of her own doing.

She is simply trying to find a scapegoat for her life misfortunes and of all the people she could choose, she is going after the very person who bestowed a shot at prominence and fortune in Hon. Hanse-Himarwa.  At the age of 54, her track record from job to job leaves a great deal to be desired. In my digging, I also found that Yvonne performed dismally at interviews for Chief Regional Officer at Khomas Regional Council and Home Affairs Deputy Director.

On top of that Yvonne failed to secure the position of Director General after acting in the position for some time. Honourable Hanse-Himarwa is no saint, but her record is impeccable, a notable performer and a habitual success story I found out has only changed jobs twice.

To compare Hanse-Himarwa’s track record to Yvonne’s dodgy one is an insult. Yvonne and her husband’s record in the private and public domain, according to what I uncovered has been characterised by scandals, controversies and corruption allegations. This is why next week, armed with reports from Hardap Council and Kalkrand Village Council I will be breaking down all the misconducts and allegations against Yvonne and her husband.