Finance Ministry reviews PSEMAS contracts

The Ministry of Finance has made changes to contracts of Public Service Employees Medical Scheme (PSEMAS) to make provision for the granting of medical assistance to cover expenditure incurred by members.

The State has entered into agreement with Health Professional Service Providers to provide Health Care Service to PSEMAS members at agreed tariffs and claim directly from PSMESAS, Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein has revealed today. 

“This arrangement is made to ease PSEMAS members from the burden of paying high cost of health care services from their pockets. The current agreement will remain in force for the month of October. The Ministry of Finance in consultation with stakeholders reviewed the PSEMAS agreement before they were cleared by the Office of the Attorney General,” Schlettwein said. 

He added that the main purpose of the review of the PSEMAS contract was to address the challenges currently faced such as issues of foreign doctors on work permits issued strictly to work for a certain hospital.

The membership of PSEMAS is currently 131 278 with 163 804 dependents and 8 684 pensioners all amounting to a total of N$36 775 301 from a total of 1 598 health care providers registered in Namibia. 

According to Schlettwein, in the last financial year a total amount of N$2.5 billion was paid to PSEMAS alone and all together 35 cases of fraudulent PSEMAS claims have been recorder to date.