Muggers rob, strip stu?Ñdents


Two Polytechnic of Namibia female students were stripped naked and robbed on Friday after the welcome bash at campus.

Victoria Messag, 18, Mildred Kateta, 19, and two other friends were attacked by a group of hoodlums led by one man who had posed as a taxi driver.

The man, according to the girls, led them away from the Polytechnic gate into an ambush before he disappeared in the shadows.

“He watched us leave the crowd and then he approached us and offered a ride home. We walked past the gate to where he had apparently parked the taxi, and then all these guys came from nowhere,” explains Mildred.

The hoodlums, the girls say, manhandled them while the taxi man ran off to his car.

“They roughened us up and we realised but too late that he had set us up for a robbery,” narrates Victoria.
The girls say two of the guys held them still as others frisked them down.

“They took our phones and money and then stripped Victoria down to her panties because she tried to fight back.

I was frozen into silence and couldn’t believe my eyes, the thought of rape crossed my mind,” says Mildred.

They further say robbers repeatedly slapped them on the cheeks but eventually handed Victoria her clothing.

“After letting us go, we ran all the way back to the Polytechnic gate, crying and the security guards rushed to us,” Mildred adds.

When contacted for comment, the Polytechnic put all the blame on the city police.

The SRC President, Gustav Mbeha said the police department let the institution down.

“I have a letter in my possession signed by Mr (Abraham) Kanime himself, authorising and confirming the protection from the police but in the end, they didn’t pitch up.

That’s the reason for all that crime, my office is aware of all the cases but we were let down,” says Gustav.