Man shits inside Municipal offices


A Windhoek man last week painted the floor of the customer care centre department at the City of Windhoek’s Head Office with shit.

Apart from shitting on the floor, the unidentified man also trashed the offices leaving papers strewn about and furniture as well as flower vases turned upside down.

According to the City Police, the man in his 40s spent Wednesday night in the centre. It’s not known how the man gained entrance.

The man was taken to Katutura State Hospital to determine his mental status.

City Police Superintendent Garry Shikesho confirmed the incident saying they were still trying to figure out how the man gained entry.

“We are busy checking video footage to determine how he got in there. So far, a lot is not known in that regard," Shikesho said.

 He said it’s suspected that the man was one of the members of the community who attended the council meeting in the centre the previous day.

Shikesho also said the man might have been drunk and passed out in the toilets.

"We are only suspecting, as there can be many possibilities. The man was either drunk or he suffers from mental disorder as the things he is saying cannot be co-ordinated. Yes he also messed the floor," said Shikesho.

Security guards were alerted by the noise of breaking office equipment and they hurried to find the entire Customer Care Centre, on the first floor of the Head Office in a mess.

Bits and pieces of office ornaments and papers were scattered on the entire floor centre.