I always wanted to be a farmer - Otto

Radio personality Otto Kapuka has found new ground after being on radio for six years. He is now a life coach who inspires others through his Arts Master and Consultancy (AMC) Company.

Kapuka, who dreamed of nothing but becoming a farmer, told Vibe that his plans were never to help people or listen to their problems either, however, working at Base FM for more than six years has changed his mindset from an individual who makes a difference in the society.

AMC which aims to empower young people, families and communities in Namibia is today catering for more than 300 clients in each town while during his free time he responds to up to 30 messages per day. “I also help people through messages so people are free to send me texts every time on whatever issue they would like to be advised on and I also do one on one consultations,” Kapuka explained.

Otto Kapuka sits with The Villager Newspaper this week to share his journey.

Full Name: Otto Kapuka

Gender: Male

Occupation: Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Radio personality, and Life coach

Relationship status: Single

How long have you been a radio personality?

I have been working at Base FM for six years now.

What would you say are some of the things you have learnt on radio?

I have learnt that not everyone is a blessing to anyone and that every person you meet in life is going through something in life. It is such an amazing feeling to know that sometimes people would wait for your show to start just to put a smile on their faces.

Where did your inspiration for giving advice come from?

It was never my passion to become a life coach, I originate from a background where we used to work in the Mahangu ?eld and take care of animals, so my dream was to grow up and become a farmer.

I only realised later after school that this is something I can venture into seeing what people go through on a daily basis.

Before you left Base FM, how did you manage to balance between being on radio and doing consultations at the same time?

If you love something, you will always ?nd a chance to do it, and you will challenge your time and yourself to do that one thing you enjoy doing. I have learnt that it is my job to be able to wipe off someone’s tears of sadness and give them tears of joy; it makes me happy to bring joy to someone’s life. I have also mastered the art of time management in my life so balancing between radio and life coaching was never an issue to me.

Is this something you have studied for?

Yes and it is also something I am trained for, I studied Adult and Community Development at the University of Namibia (UNAM), and also did studies in Basic counselling and Facilitating skills. I am still planning on going back to school, I have big plans for the future.

Who is that one local celebrity you look to and think of starting a family with?

Shu… That is a tough one, name a few for me that you think have the qualities I am looking for, like hard working, have a vision in life and willing to be that one faithful celebrity ha-ha…. If I think of anyone, I will let you know.

What else do you enjoy besides being on radio and giving advice?

Playing and watching football, apparently listening to music and I like social gatherings it is something I enjoy doing. Have you ever been thought of to be gay? No, I have never been “charged” with being gay at all; I am single because I am too picky.

What are some of your favourite songs?

All old school jams are my favourites. What about your favourite food? I am a traditional man, from Omahuungu (Mopani worms) to (Ekaka (Spinach) including Kapana. I also love trying out different types of food.

I am sure during your time being on radio you have gained a fan base, do you receive strange messages from crazy fans and how do you handle that?

A lot of them, but at the end of the day it all depends on the reason I joined radio, some people go on radio to become famous, some go there to grow.

I haven’t paid much attention to such things. I would usually not switch my mind to go for any girl that sent me a text and that is what made my work easier.