Nam ready for Table Tennis Championship

Namibia Table Tennis players are ready to take part in the Region 5 - Table Tennis Championship scheduled for November in Botswana; Gaborone after a team was selected to represent the country.

A team of four males and four female players have been selected in the recently held national team selection trials, and 50% of the players that have been selected are juniors the Marketing Manager of Namibia Table Tennis Association (NTTA), Heiko Fleidl told The Villager in an exclusive interview. “We are very positive to take on all our opponents being as a team and as individuals. This player is the players that showed a very positive performance in the trials competition that was held recently. Most of the players that have been selected are players with experience as they have taken part in international competitions before,” Fleidl said.

He further added that the teams show a high potential of winning the championship and will be preparing themselves after the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) gives a green light and the players have signed a contract. According to Fleidl Table Tennis as a sporting code in Namibia has been very successful but needs much more exposure for ordinary Namibians to take part in the sports code as it is held most of the time indoors. “We are doing very much well. It is just that competitions are held indoors, and there is not much support from the spectators as we see in Rugby or Soccer but what I can tell you is that although we have a small number of participants we are doing extremely very well,” he said.

He added that as players Table Tennis players always strive for the most professional ethics and are not allowed to do certain things like taking alcohol once they have been selected to represent the country. NTTA is in the process of drafting a contract between the players and NTTA that prohibits players from indulging in activities that hurt their health and players are always encouraged to adhere to the term and conditions of the contract.

“The contract also basically entails how many times the team will practice and what must be done regarding participating as a member of the team in all activities that are outlined in the contract. What is most important in this contract is the code of conduct. It is strictly against alcohol and drugs abuse as long as you are part of the team. No player is to take alcohol once they have been granted the national colours,” Fleidl said.

He added that one male and female players that are yet to be announced as reserves players of the team in case something happens to the players that have been selected. The players that have been selected are for the men’s team, Dietrich Mowes; Wayne Green; Zwandile Kooper and Heiko Fleidl and for the women’s team Reese Saunderson; Bregida George; Kaitlyn Beukes and Michelle de Koker were selected respectively. The team will play as a team in some games and represent the country in some games as single and double players in national colours.