Waka on Pula Komesho

Erastus Joseph also known by his stage name, Waka, seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth just after releasing his 3rd album last year, but he is now making a comeback with a music video titled ‘Pula Komesho’.

The youngster last December released a 15 track album titled ‘not for free’ on which he featured other local names such as Mushe, New Turn and Young T. When he spoke to The Villager this week, he said that his nine-monthold album has made sales and that his songs are only catching on as hits right now.

Pula Komesho which he describes as an inspirational song is the 15th track from the current album and stands at 900 views on YouTube after its release three weeks ago. Soukos/Kwaito artist who has managed to make a name for himself in the past after releasing his second album in 2015 titled ‘Thanks Giving’ with a famous track ‘Iileni’ featuring New Turn. He is currently pushing his songs from his previous album as it only gained popularity this year.

“I am just busy promoting my third album because people are only getting familiar with it this year after I released in December last year and I recently shot a new video, and the response so far has been massive,” Waka said. The young artist has undoubtedly proven to be one out of many who demonstrates hard work and persistent after a hit and run on his music ?ve years ago but never stopped working.

“I have always been making music, it is just that I grew up now, into a more responsible man, I am more on the business side and only make music during the weekend, but I love making music with no doubt,” he said. Although Waka has managed to climb the ladder through hard work and dedication, he stated that he still faces challenges such as exposure and recognition for his music. Apart from making music, Waka has branched out to the cooperate world, where today, he is better known as a business partner for one of the biggest printing companies in Namibia, ‘Galaxy Advertising’.

“I am not planning on releasing any album soon. I never stop writing songs. When I realise that I have recorded enough songs, I will release an album. “You know how it works in Namibia; you cannot load people with new songs if they are not yet familiar with the previous ones, I do things with time not just for the sake of releasing an album.” When asked on how he manages to balance between business and music he explained that he usually makes sure he divides his time well to make sure that every activity he does is done accordingly.

“I usually just make music during the weekend because I am always travelling, three months I would be in Rundu, while the other tree months I would probably be in the North, so, it’s not that much of a challenge, I believe sometimes it is all about prioritising,” Waka explained.